Why You Should Try to Attract Birds to Your Yard and Garden

Getting out into nature is a cure all for everything that ails you. It is ideal for reducing stress and improving your mood.

It can be a challenge to really get out there, though. The next best thing is having a yard or garden that attracts wildlife and brings nature to you.

It’s no secret that gardening is great for your mental health and when you have beautiful birds around it’s even better. But, that isn’t the only reason to want to have more wild birds around. 

In this article, I will go over several benefits you get from being able to attract birds to your yard or garden. So, set up outdoor fountains for your garden and some bird feeders and watch how quickly they come!

Attract Birds: Pest control

Tired of battling mosquitoes when you want to sit out in your yard and enjoy the summer evenings? Then having more birds around is the natural solution.

When you are battling aphids on your tomato plants then having more birds around will be a great help there, also.

They’ll take care of the slugs and grubs that ruin lawns and gardens alike.

When you end up attracting larger birds to your yard like hawks or owls, then you can also reduce the number of rodents. Rats and mice will stay far away when the shadow of a bird of prey circles above them. 

And rabbits that used to love to use your garden as a buffet will have to look elsewhere if they want to avoid being eaten themselves.

Pollination boost

Hummingbirds and orioles love sipping nectar of your flowers and even some of the flowering vegetable plants. You can attract them by hanging hummingbird feeders with sugar water nearby. 

It’s a perfect circle, also. The more of those birds come and pollinate, then the more flowers you’ll have, which will in turn attract more birds.

Some flowers are also natural insect repellents, too which strengthens the benefits in gardens. For example, if you want to keep aphids away from your nightshades, plant some marigolds nearby.

Attract Birds: Weed control

Small birds like sparrows love to eat the seeds of weeds like crabgrass keeping your garden free. Since those weeds are hard to keep up with and strangle out the plants that you’re trying to grow, it pays to have a helping hand.

Sparrows are also ground feeding birds which means they prefer to eat seeds that have already fallen. If you have a bird feeder and don’t want to have those seeds on the ground germinate, then attracting sparrows should help you there.


If you have kids or grand-kids around then the birds will provide an excellent education on how nature works. 

Kids will love observing how the birds behave when feeding, mating, migrating and going about their routines. Finding their feathers is always exciting and spotting nests with baby chicks is usually the highlight of the summer for many kids. 


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