August 2015 | Life Lately

Oh, August. You’ve come and gone, bringing with you a whirlwind of events. Events that have in a short time changed more things that you can imagine. It’s been quite an adjustment period, but we’ve come out the other side, and are ready to embrace all the good things ahead. So, now that September has arrived I thought I’d take a look at the rear view mirror and share a bit of what August brought.

If you follow My Dreamality on Instagram, then you might have seen me share that due to very unforeseen circumstances the kitties are no longer part of our family. It has been extremely heartbreaking to have to arrange to have them re-homed, but knowing that ultimately the best thing has been done for their sake has made things bearable. We’ve had our cats since they were kitties, and as they say, they were part of the furniture. It’s been awkward not to have them as part of our home, but upwards and onwards.

Another thing that I shared a bit about was moving house. Oh, moving house. Yet another event in August that didn’t pan out as expected. It’s quite amusing now that I look at it, but it’s been a God send as we have made some decisions that will take us to a new part of the country, and since life is an adventure for us anyway, we’ve decided to make the most of it every opportunity that comes our way.

Considering all the chaos, and so much change that has recently occurred, we still managed to have a great month full of fun times, travel, and lots of planning ahead for bigger and better things. Check out our month.

Weekend Away in Milton Keynes
Getting our foodie on
Our beautiful Kitty cats #dreamalitychelsea #dreamalitymimi
Impromptu day out in Sherwood Forest / An uplifting reminder at a B&B we stayed at / A beautiful sunset

August was not bad, but I have a feeling September will be a whole lot better. Can’t wait to share with you what’s coming our way in September!