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The holiday season is the perfect time to get together with those we love (restrictions permitting, of course) and to show them how special they are in our lives. Of course, we all know that isn’t always possible, especially not with all the uncertainty that our world has been facing over the past couple of years. That being said, there is no reason why you still can’t show those you love how much you love them with a sweet note on a Christmas card. We have teamed up with Aura Print to bring you a bit about their Personalised Christmas Cards selection to make it easy for you to give your loved ones sweet note to show what they mean to you.

For this post, Aura Print kindly sent us a set of 50 of their Christmas cards to review. We were able to choose from a set of cards or Personalised Christmas Tags and since we know that those we love are further away than we’d like them to be, we knew a set of cards would be a great choice!

Aura Print Christmas cards

The card we chose was a simple design that featured a simple snow globe scene with some cute pine trees, a house, and some fairy lights. It’s so simple, but it’s actually my favourite of the ones I saw as the design is simple but so timeless. The cards reads; “Wishing you the happiest Christmas ever” on the outside, while the inside says, “Christmas isn’t a season, it’s a feeling”. There’s something about that message that just resonates even more nowadays. So I knew it was the perfect card for this season.

My thoughts and review

I liked the cards that I chose. They were designed by the Aura Print team, but you can also upload your finished design for them to print out for you, or give them a brief of what you want and they will design the cards for you. You can print your own family Christmas cards, or get them to make one for your company, for example.

The cards were packed in a box that was just the right size, which I was quite impressed with. I mention this because nowawdays you order something for delivery and the package is just too big. This is bad for the environment as it creates so much waste and too much plastic. The cardboard box can be chucked into the recycling bin or reused, just like I have.

The only thing that I wasn’t expecting was to have to go out and buy my own envelopes. It was a bit of a bummer as I wanted to get the cards written, sort them out in envelopes, and then ready to be posted out. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and it was a bit of a search to find some that were the right size. I had to use some envelopes that I had lying around and for bigger packages that I sent to my family I just popped the card in there tied with a red ribbon.

The ordering process

The ordering process is so simple, too! I know that even though most of us are comfortable with the internet, there are also some readers that just don’t feel that confident shopping online. The Aura Print site is a great site as it is safe and secure, but also simple for you to use no matter what your expertise with online shopping may be.

You simply choose your category, because they have much more than just Christmas cards, you can either hover over the dropdown to see more of the options or you can click on the heading to be taken to the dedidated page. Then customise your options through the product designer. Follow the prompts, and you’re good to go!

Quality of the cards

The cards are made from thick and durable cardstock and there are different materials to choose from depending on the product that you want to print. You can even print custom stickers to go along with your Christmas cards!

That being said …

Huge selection of items

I know that we are chatting about Christmas cards here, but Aura Print offers a printing service that is bound to meet your needs. Whether you are a fellow blogger or business owner that is looking for business cards or flyers, or perhaps you are getting married and want to print out your invitations or save the date cards. There is a range of wedding stationery for you to choose from, with different styles to suit different tastes and needs.

So, there you have it. If you are looking for a printer then check out Aura Print. There are loads of things that they can print out for you so do take a look at the site and see if they have what you need. I’m quite sure they will.

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