Author Q&A: Kierney Scott

I’ve always been an avid reader, but only as of late really contemplated sharing my love of books and stories with you. In the past few weeks I have become acquainted with a new author who I must admit I absolutely love. I’ve only read her Firing Line series, but Kierney Scott has quickly become my go to author of the summer, as I can imagine her other books are also summer must reads. 

Q: Drug running and romance aren’t really two topics that typically go hand in hand. What inspired you to mix both elements for this trilogy? 
I grew up reading hot historical romance. I love the drama and the epic storylines that span several years and take you all over the globe. The Firing Line is my take on an old school historical romance. Instead of having a pirate I have a drug runner. 
Q: As a Mexican-American myself, I was quite impressed with how all the Mexican elements, and the Spanish language fit so perfectly. What research did you have to do to ensure that you portrayed an accurate representation of the Mexican people, both the civilian aspects and the cartel?
Thank you. It was very important to me that I be culturally sensitive. I am very aware of the racism towards immigrant populations and I did not want to play into that at all. I get very upset with the negative portrayal of Mexican immigrants in the media. I grew up in California and I absolutely love Mexican culture and people. 
I did loads of research on cartels and the DEA. I read everything I could find and I watched several documentaries. As for the Spanish in the book, I took four years but all my translations were checked by my best friend, Silvia. She is from Guatemala. My dirty word translations were done my another friend, a Mexican American. 
Q: Another part of my identity is that of being a very proud Texan. Texas, Arizona, and California all border Mexico – why did you choose to use Texas as the location for the books?
I love Texas. How can you not love Texas? There is so much personality there and such diversity. I also picked it because all the really gritty cartel news stories were there. The proximity to Nuevo Laredo was important. 
Q: What character do you most personally identify with, and why?
The character I am most like is Paige, Beth’s sister. We have the same sense of humour and take on life. Some of the conversation she had in the book, were conversations I have had with my sisters. 
I also love Patterson. I am always interested to know readers take on him. I would love to write his story someday if i could ever figure out what it would be. 
Q: Who is your least favourite character? 
El Escorpion is a sociopath so I would not like to meet him in real life but I loved writing all the characters, even Flores (the guy who tries to rape Beth).  Even the most unlikable characters are fun to write. 
Q: If the trilogy were a film, who would your cast be? Which character would you like to play, and why? 
There are so many gorgeous Latino actors out there, but none of them are big enough. Torres has the body of The Rock.  And Beth looks like my youngest sister, Erin. I would want to play Paige. She got all the best lines.
Q: I’m not typically a fan of romance books myself, as many tend to be quite unrealistic. I truly enjoyed every bit of the dynamic between the protagonists in this trilogy. How do you find the perfect balance between romance, and a plausible plot?
I think the key is the characters. You can have far fetched things happening to characters as long as they act in an authentic way. I think people have responded to these books because the characters are flawed. Beth is not perfect, she makes some bad choices but hopefully the reader can see where she is coming from.  
Q: Out of all the books in the trilogy, which is your favourite?
Holding the Line (Firing Line Book 2) was my favourite to write. I cried at several points writing that book, it was so emotional. And I loved writing the Patterson scenes. He is so in love with Beth and has been for a very long time. It was fun to write that because the reader knows what is going on but Beth is clueless. 
I also have a special place in my heart for Crossing the Line (Firing Line Book 3). My brother-in-law, Jim, went into hospice when I was in the middle of writing it and he died shortly after I finished my first draft. I went back and added a scene where Beth talks about grief. I wrote that for Jim. It was my way of saying good bye. So that book will always be special to me because it reminds me of him.   
Q: What do you want the readers to take away from this trilogy? 
There is always hope and everyone deserves love. And Mexican men are smoking hot! 
It’s been wonderful to have read the books and have you on my blog, thank you for the interview! The Firing Line trilogy is on my 2015 summer recommendations, and I’m so glad to have picked your brain as an author. However, the expat part of me wants to pick your brain as a fellow American expat in the UK. 
Q: What is your favourite part of living in the UK? 
I love so much. I love the sense of humour. I love that I don’t have to wear sunscreen. I love how good the educational system is. I love the NHS. I love that people are so tolerant and accepting. I love marriage equality. The list goes on and on. 
Q: What do you miss most from home?  
I miss my family. I absolutely adore my sister’s, and my nieces and nephews, and my parents. I miss being able to cuddle my nieces and nephews but we FaceTime everyday and my little sister’s kids call me their Scottish Mommy. I also miss Mexican food. When I go home to visit, I eat it every day. 
Q: What is your favourite Mexican dish? 
It is hard to beat a burrito. I like mine covered in enchilada sauce. Give me a taco truck and I am in heaven. 

You can find Kierney on Twitter, Facebook, and on the collective authors blog Pink Ink

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