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Your home is your private kingdom and should be the place where you can shut out the stresses of strains of work and the outside world and relax in ultimate comfort. Sadly, not every home offers the relaxing environment it should.

Given that we lead such busy lives these days, it’s not much of a surprise that clutter builds up, we have little time to decorate, and our homes slowly become messy and – sometimes – stressful. Well, if that sounds familiar, read on. I’m going to reveal some awesome ideas I have found on the web to ensure your home is the relaxing getaway you are craving – let’s get started right away!

Relaxing Home: Paint it

The first step is to take a look at your walls and work out whether the colour is relaxing or if it is busy and energetic. Avoid yellows, bright blues, and other ‘exciting’ colours that tend to stimulate the brain too much. Instead, stick to natural tones – cooler blues than bright, or forest greens and browns. Although beige is almost universally derided as boring and dull, it’s actually an incredibly relaxing colour. Don’t’ believe everything you hear from the home design press – it’s your home, decorate it how you like!

Give everything a home

It doesn’t matter how much effort you put into painting and decorating your home if it is full of clutter, it won’t help you relax. So, put aside a day or a weekend to declutter your home entirely. Give everything you don’t need to charity, and ensure that everything left has a home – and you know where to put it. Doing this will speed up your cleaning times by a significant amount, and ensure that everything has its place.

Relaxing Home: Soundproof

Soundproofing your home works on two levels. First of all, it keeps out the nasty external noises that disturb your peace. And it also helps you reduce the amount of noise you make within your home. Combine the two, and you have a much more relaxing home that is nice on the ears, as well as the eyes. So, consider swapping your exposed floorboards with carpets and underlay. Invest in double – or triple – glazing. And you can even go so far as to replace your kitchen fittings with slow-close kitchen drawer runners and cupboard stops to prevent banging and slamming. Don’t underestimate the impact a quieter home can have on your lifestyle. Many households suffer from Noisy Home Syndrome, and it can create stress, mess up your sleep, and compromise on your quality of life.

Relaxing Home: Plant life

Plants bring a sense of relaxation into your home, and can also help you de-stress after a hard day at work. And, of course, they can purify the air you breathe – which is becoming more important as pollution problems start to affect many cities and towns up and down the country. Look at plants such as aloe vera, English ivy, and rubber trees – all of them are low maintenance and a healthy choice for anyone wanting to enjoy purer air and a more relaxing atmosphere.

relaxing home: plants on white table.

Do you have any tips to share? Let everyone know about them and share the knowledge below!


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