Bank Holiday Fun + Coral Island in Blackpool

Coral Island Blackpool

The British take a few things very seriously – tea, weather, and bank holiday weekends. A long weekend is always something to be enjoyed, but on these occasions, you will find many of the roads saturated with vehicles making their way to one beautiful destination or another. In our case, we decided to enjoy our long weekend with a little bit of a staycation and went out to the very busy seaside town of Blackpool. Blackpool is pretty much down the road from where we live, and it was the perfect place to go for a little bit of fun and distraction, all without having to take on the packed roads.

The day was sunny and glorious, but we steered clear of the beaches and opted to go directly to Coral Island – a combination of an arcade, casino, and games venue. If you’re ever in the area and are looking for a day out either as a family or even as a couple I think you should definitely pop in. For now, come along with us on our day out.

Coral Island is situated right across the street from the beach and other attractions (a few doors down from the Blackpool Tower) and is a load of fun! I wasn’t very keen to visit it initially as I suppose I had some preconceived notions, but upon visiting it with the kids I realised it was actually a load of fun for all.
Upon arriving in Blackpool we had to queue up for parking which can be a bit of a pain, but is something that must be done. So if you’re going to Blackpool you must be prepared to queue up for parking, and sometimes even have to drive around from one car park to another in search of a space. It can be a bit of a headache, but also quite worth it as once you manage to park you are within walking distance to the seaside and the entertainment area. Be prepared to pay for parking and also try and carry some coins with you as some car parks don’t take cards.



You can make your way up and down the promenade but on this visit, we opted to pop into the massive Coral Island where we tried our luck at the slot machines. After having been in Vegas a few months earlier we were really disillusioned with the gaming options but did manage to play and win at a really fun bingo machine. I can’t remember what it’s called now, but there are loads of that machine so you can’t miss it.  I want to go back just to play that specific game again!

The adult slot machine area is not quite Vegas, but can be quite fun if you find a machine you like. We had more fun playing in the general area and on the arcade games.It’s really jam packed with so much to do, and in England having everything under one roof is particularly appealing as you can still have a nice day out despite what the weather may bring.

When you are having a day out with kids it is more convenient to not have to worry about the crowds out on the street, and it is nice to know that there’s no need to be bouncing around from place to place to find some fun for all. Of course, if you prefer to do that then your options are plenty.

There are both a chippy and a restaurant inside Coral Island (and kids eat free) so if you want to take a quick break for playing the arcade games, then it’s a good option, even though if I’m honest the restaurant food quality is a solid two out of five. Edible, and filling, but not really tasty.Blackpool is growing on me, and I just know that Coral Island is going to become one of our family favourites!

What’s your favourite place to visit in Blackpool? Have you ever been to Coral Island?