Recover Your Bathroom Look with Vanity Units

One of the most comfortable spots in your home has to be your bathroom. To make it luxurious and lavish, it isn’t imperative that you spend a large amount of money. And if you invest in the correct type of bathroom vanity units, half the work is done. You might not think of this particular piece of furniture as an essential bathroom component. But the correct vanity unit can genuinely stand out and make your bathroom even more enticing. If you fail to choose the proper position, the accurate material, and the perfect design, your entire bathroom will likely suffer. So, make sure you choose the right vanity!

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Placement is Crucial

You need to choose where your bathroom vanity unit is going to go with care. Otherwise they can easily get in the way and you’ll find yourself bumping into it every time you’re in the bathroom. Make sure to place the unit in a place where it doesn’t hinder access in the room, or block access to the bath or shower. Check all of this before installation in addition to whether you’re able to clean in and around the unit once it’s placed. Take all these factors into consideration before you make a decision.

Choose a Wise Material

Vanities are places in an environment that is wet and moist for most of the day. When choosing your bathroom vanity units, make sure that the material is such that it can withstand such climates. Laminates, thermofoil, and wood veneers are considered the best materials you can rely on. The wood has to be adequately cleaned and sealed with lacquer on all side. However, it’s good to note that lacquer is not a waterproof material and will corrode if left wet for too long. Make sure that the vanity tops are also made of durable materials which can be cleaned easily.

Save On Plumbing

Changes in the plumbing arrangements for your bathroom will wreak havoc on your chequebook. If you find that you need to change the plumbing to install your bathroom vanity units, make sure that it is worth the effort and expense. Even if you want to make a quick change from your traditional vanity to a wall mounted bathroom vanity, you’ll still incur some charges in the plumbing changes. Be well aware of such costs before they burn a hole in your pocket.

Pick the Correct Size

The size of your vanity should be concordant and proportional to your bathroom size. If you cram a huge vanity into a small bathroom, it will just become crowded and there will be hardly any place to move around. The size of your bathroom is more important than the number of items you want to put inside your vanity. You’ll have to work with the architecture of your bathroom and work out a clear installation plan.

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Customise Your Design

There are several versatile designs for bathroom vanity units now available on the market. This makes it very easy for you to choose one that meets your needs. However, it’s vital that you customize your designs as per your exact specifications. Finding the perfect existing vanity for your specs is somewhat impossible so it’s best to have it designed for you. A personalized cabinet does not have to cost more than the ready made store bought versions. But be sure to  find a good builder when you’ve chosen what to go for!

Re-modelling your bathroom with the perfect bathroom vanity units can really give it a new and sophisticated look that you’ll be proud to show off!

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