Bathroom Renovations: Redesign Your Bathroom With Subway Tiles

The bathroom is the space in homes that is most frequently used. The interior of the bathroom is key to reflecting the taste and style of the home owner. However, once in a while a bathroom requires a makeover so the functionality of the space isn’t hampered. When you start a house renovation project, particular attention should be given to the bathroom.

There are many redesign and renovation ideas out there that are budget friendly. Simply by spending a few dollars, you can transform the bathroom into a relaxing and lavish place. If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom here are some great ideas to help you. Read on for some great ideas on how the installation of subway tiles can enhance the look of your bathroom by  redesigning your space.

Redesign Your Bathroom With Subway Tiles

bathroom: subway tiles

If you are bored with the monotonous look of your bathroom, glam up the space with the help of subway tiles. These tiles can add spark to your bathroom renovations idea. The best parts of these tiles are that these are cost-effective. Installation is quick and easy as well. Beneath are a few types of subway tiles you can use for redesigning our bathroom:

Square Subway Tiles to add the sense of timelessness

bathroom: subway tiles

To create the sense of a contemporary vibe and simultaneously add a sense of timelessness, one can rely on larger square subway tiles. The enhancement of the borderlines of the tiles can help create a visible accent to the application and a distinguished glaze. If your bathroom is light and airy you can install these tiles in the foundation and can coordinate it with the floor as well as the bathroom countertops.

Dimensioned and colored subway tiles for a signature look:

To add a signature appeal to your bathroom, plan to clad the wall of space with conventionally dimensioned and colored subway tiles. The little tinted grout in the tiles can add a smooth shift between the tiles.  For the floors, you can choose the hexagon tiles can help you to maintain the black and white color scheme.

Colorful Bathroom Subway Tile to add a contemporary edge

If you want to explore a glazing finish colorful bathroom, subway tiles are the option you can look for. You can apply these around the conventional freestanding tub to get a contemporary look. Also, these tiles can match your choice if you are someone who likes to add a classic shape to your bathroom renovations project. However, traditional white tiles are a big no-no. With a Greige finish, colorful bathroom subway tiles craft a grounded look to your space.

Marble Subway Tile to craft a softer look

subway tiles: bathroom

If you are fond of the look that subway tiles create you can consider opting for marble tiles. This can give the bathroom a very enhanced refined look. You can discuss all this with your bathroom planner prior to the bathroom renovations process. To create a softer look, you can opt for the dappled veining in the tiles.

Apart from these styles, you can also opt for the pattern subway tiles if you want to give a bolder look to the bathroom. Classical sub-tiles are always there as an option. But with the above-mentioned verities, your bathroom can be elegant as well as being a place that reflects your choice. For the installation of these tiles you can DIY but to get a better end result for your bathroom renovations project it is always advisable to opt for a professional.

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