Be a Good Vacation Rental Guest as Memories Made Together Last for a Lifetime!

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It’s not long ago that Airbnb, Couchsurfing, and VRBO were the only lodging sites for travellers, but times are changing now. Today, folks are travelling for work, adventure, and vacation along with their families. Thereby, people are looking out for a switch and are finding great places to stay in homes and apartments listed on different lodging sites. 

Believe when the travel enthusiasts shed light on this change- all thanks to the ease it bestows the travellers with. But, the story doesn’t end at the changing yet positive outlook. Being a good guest while putting up at these rentals holds greater importance.

Thus, to ensure that you’re not wearing out your Ocean City welcome, following some tips for learning to be a good guest seems like a way out. Some of these are:

Ask Necessary Questions

Do you have some questions while scrolling through the listing sites? Well, now that you’re wondering who’ll answer them, ensure using a messaging system to reach out to your host adequately. By doing so, you’ll not only find answers to your questions but will also establish a rapport with the host before you even stay there. You can also inquire about the arrival time and house rules while also communicating your schedule. Additionally, you’ll be able to determine if your host is active or not. 

Read the Listings Clearly

The first step towards being a good guest rests with knowing about your behavioural expectations. Make sure that the property is a good fit for you before considering booking. 

Ensure running a quick yet keen check on the amenities. You might want to have a glimpse over Ocean City, NJ rentals that provide the best facilities at the lowest possible price. Thereby, see if the number of bedrooms and bathrooms meet your needs. Do they have good internet access, storage room, grill, elevator, pool, and others? Look closely!

After all, stepping in a vacation rental with unrealistic expectations can pave a path to a bitter relationship with your host. 

Keep Some Opinions to Yourself

Folks generally live in the place where they’ve stayed throughout their lives. If not, their parents have. So, if you feel that they have a boring town, keep the same to yourself. After all, no local wants to hear, “It’s hard to believe you like to live in this town; it is such a boring place.” 

Thereby, always be a good guest, keep your tone positive, and treat your hometown with the utmost respect. 

Consider Bringing your Host a Gift

Now that you’re coming to a foreign destination, the best thing is to make your host feel special by expressing gratitude. 

For instance, you can bring something that your hometown/ home country is famous for. Know that the gifts you think of don’t have to be too expensive as it is the thought that counts the most. These can be items like a famous monument, a local coffee, tea, or other food items. 

The Verdict – Let your Hosts, Lead their Normal Lives

Although you’re staying in a vacation rental, the property owners are the permanent residents of Ocean City, and they’re leading their normal lives. You certainly don’t want to disrupt their routine.

They’re not on a vacay as you are and have to get to work, make kids ready for school and run daily errands. Thereby, please do your best by not getting in their way and follow the set rules for making your expedition worthwhile. 

Author Bio:

Jonathan Gilbert is a travel enthusiast who’s travelled to several countries across the world. His wanderlust experience provides a checklist for various travel activities- right from flight booking to hotel choosing. His blogs enumerate to-do’s and don’ts while travelling for making the most of your upcoming expedition!

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