Beauty Debate: Is Cosmetic Surgery Always A Bad Thing?


When it comes to beauty, there are certain things people tend to frown upon. One of those things is cosmetic surgery. People think you shouldn’t have surgical procedures to change the way you look. After all, we’re told to love the body and skin that we’ve been given. We shouldn’t have to get surgery to make us feel more beautiful.

Plus, cosmetic surgery is often only seen on celebrities. Most experiences with it are from seeing celebs in glamour mags or stories online. In these cases, the surgery is usually overdone and just looks fake. Then, everyone bashes them saying they waste money trying to turn themselves into something they’re not; often having to consult a breast surgery solicitor when they’ve had a ‘botched job’, so to speak.

So, as you can see, there are some big arguments that make cosmetic surgery seem like a bad thing. However, let’s throw the cat amongst the pigeons here. What if cosmetic surgery isn’t as bad as everyone makes out? More to the point, are there some cases where it can be a good thing? Let’s play devil’s advocate, shall we?

It Can Improve Confidence

People are lead to believe they must follow certain rules about feeling beautiful. You see people told that they shouldn’t care about their looks. Or, they should embrace the body they have. But, who are you to tell someone what they should do? There are millions of girls that suffer from body confidence issues. A simple cosmetic procedure like a Brazilian butt lift can turn somebody’s confidence completely around. It gives them new confidence in the body they already have. Some think this is superficial, but it really isn’t.

No One Frowns Upon Makeup

It’s funny how one of the main arguments against cosmetic surgery is that you’re altering your appearance. You’re making changes that take you away from your natural look. But, isn’t this what makeup does too? Every girl loves putting on makeup, as it makes them feel beautiful. You can even get great permanent makeup these days. Sure, it can change someone’s appearance, but who cares? No one, as it’s seen as a normal thing to do.

People can sit down and do some killer makeup for a night out, and look completely different. The only difference is that makeup is temporary and cosmetic surgery isn’t. But, instead of drawing on and filling in eyebrows, some people get permanent tattoos. This is seen as desirable and genius and isn’t temporary either. The point is, nobody frowns on makeup, so, why do they frown on surgery?

fashion-girl-makeup-paint-large: cosmetic surgery

It Fixes Permanent Problems

So many people forget that cosmetic surgery can do the world of good for some people. Think about breast cancer survivors that are left with permanent problems after surgeries, Letrozole treatment UK and so many other changes to their bodies. A simple cosmetic breast surgery can fix their problems for good. The same goes for burns victims that are left with scars, cosmetic surgery can fix things and change their life.

As you can see, cosmetic surgery isn’t always a bad thing. It’s only bad if you get it for no reason, and go overboard. But, if you want a butt lift or boob job, then don’t let anyone tell you it’s wrong! At the end of the day, do what makes you feel beautiful.

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