Beauty Sleep Secrets: A Good Night’s Rest For Younger-Looking Skin

We’ve all heard about the importance of beauty sleep, although, most of us disregard the benefits based on the assumption that beauty sleep is merely a myth. However, you may be quite surprised to learn that beauty sleep is backed by science. While quality sleep is often known for benefits such as improved memory, boosted mood, and general improvement in brain functions, the benefits of sleep also cover skin health. So you really can sleep your way to younger-looking skin. However, to ensure you really are achieving healthier and younger-looking skin, you should put the following beauty sleep secrets into practice.

Invest In A Worthy Mattress

If you’ve ever dozed off in an awkward position on the sofa, you should know that how you sleep is quite essential. Waking up with aches and pains and strange imprints on your skin is definitely not the way to achieve enhanced skin health through sleep. Therefore, you should invest in a mattress worthy of your cause.

Comfort is king when it comes to sleeping your way to beautiful skin. When searching for a suitable mattress, you should compare your options by looking through a few retailers, rather than just one. The bed shop Beverley and other quality retailers should be on your list when hunting for a good mattress. 

Hair-Free Sleep

If you have long hair, you should be tying it up or braiding it before bed. This is because even freshly washed locks contain oils and some traces of dirt. You won’t want these transferring onto your skin while sleeping as it will negatively impact the health of your skin. Most sufferers of acne breakouts will probably note that they sleep with their hair loose more often than not, hence the frequency of skin breakouts is relatively higher than they should be.

Avoid Sleeping On Your Side Or Stomach

If you are a side sleeper, your bad habit is probably adding wrinkles and sleep lines to your skin. By adapting to sleep on your back instead, your skin will be able to avoid scrunching your face during the night and adding to the build-up of fine lines and deep wrinkles. While botox may be a popular treatment for wrinkles, pairing your efforts with sleep secrets will reduce the return of these tell-tale signs of age.

Fancy Pillowcases

The quality of the fabric you sleep on has a massive impact on the health of your skin as some materials are simply not suitable for sleep. Opting for high-quality cotton fabrics is usually the best option. In contrast, microfibre and other pocket-friendly options should be avoided at all costs as these types of fabrics do not allow maximum breathability, and you will probably wake up sweating multiple times throughout the night.

What’s more, harsher fabrics can also increase risks of skin rashes such as eczema. While the quality of your pillow is also important, most people disregard the importance of bed linen choice. Once you have invested in great linen, you should make a habit of changing your linen at least once a week to avoid adverse effects of bacterias that can fester in your linen when neglected for too long.

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