Becoming an Independent Support Worker

Finding a profession that can bring you both joy and meet your living expenses may feel like a challenging task. Would it not be wonderful if the career that you have always dreamt of is easy to find? Working as an independent support worker is the career goal of many people who are career-focused, caring, and still want to change a person’s life for the better.

Here are some reasons to inspire if you might want to become an independent support worker.

You are your own boss

If you are an independent support worker, you will manage yourself. You can pick the people you meet, the facilities you would like to offer, and the schedule that you work with. This profession typically entails shifts so you can modify your time to enjoy the other areas of your life outside of your career. Collaborating with a platform also gives you more versatility because you can arrange your timetable. It means that you work on multiple jobs or even indulge your hobby when you are off work.

Make a real difference

People always wish they could make a significant difference, and you can do this as an independent support worker. Helping patients in-home care, working daily, meal preparation, helping them with vitals and their medications, and being a supporter can play an essential role in enhancing the welfare and integrity of your client. 

It is also fulfilling and makes you happy, so you can walk away, having known that you have done something good in the lives of your patients every day. Getting the patients to feel their best by delivering a loving, client-centred treatment to increase the quality of their lives can make a significant difference to both of you.

Insurance coverage

Support workers should be conscious of the complications the line of work poses and should reduce and handle these potential dangers, so you have to protect yourself against the hazards you face every time. Many platforms will protect you and their workers are covered by insurance policies such as Professional Indemnity and Public Liability coverage at a minimal level, and extra insurance such as motor insurance or personal accident insurance that can be optional.

Earn more

Many platform fees can be the lowest in the business, bringing more cash into your bank account if you search carefully. Standard service companies can sometimes charge you up to 50% of the hourly rates, although some of them can offer a rate of pay of 10%. You can keep track of your patients, invoices and transactions through a platform that is accessible online and via a mobile phone app.

Job stability

There are always individuals who need help. It does not mean that you will always have full-time work, and most of the time, you will start part-time or casually, but there will always be openings available. This career is not going anywhere and will only expand from now on. 

A career as an independent support worker may be an excellent fit for compassionate people who are trying to make a positive impact on the lives of other people. Practitioners in this industry provide comprehensive services to the disabled, the elderly and other vulnerable people, and help people who cannot carry out daily chores on their own. Becoming an independent is also a chance to learn and grow from people with the right amount of knowledge, to hear many incredible stories while you empower others to regain their joy, wellbeing and integrity.

With the right platform, you can make a positive difference.


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