What You Should Do Before Your Boudoir Shoot

There has been a great moment in photography in the last few years, the boudoir shoot. While this isn’t a new concept, it has become more popular over the last decade or two. Hitting the mainstream allowed more and more people to be curious about these types of photo shoots. There is a certain allure to strutting in front of the camera, scantily clad or even nude.

What Exactly is Boudoir Shoot?

Sexy, provocative, very little clothing, would be a few ways someone might describe boudoir photography. However, this type of photography, while the finished product is a primary object, is more about the subject connecting with themselves, letting go of their inhabitants, and discovering the sexy within. This can be incredibly challenging to some, and very simple to others.

The images that result from a boudoir shoot, and this is important to note, won’t look like pornography. There is a massive difference. While subjects are wearing very little clothing, the portraits taken are stunning, classic, and eye teasing. Boudoir is artistic, capturing the sexy, without being over the top. It’s a style that makes you wonder, and one that leaves something to the imagination.

Being barely dressed in front of the camera can feel like all eyes are on you, and that is somewhat true. But a woman has to get over things she doesn’t like. She may have stretch marks after having a baby. She might even hate the look of her thighs or tummy. But during a boudoir shoot, all of that melts away.

Boudoir shoots can be used for an anniversary present to your significant other, or they can be just for you to feel glamorous. Afterwards, the studio and photographer, after editing, release the rights to you, so that your photos stay with you.

Who Photographs You Is Important

Having a great photographer will help significantly with feeling more comfortable in front of the camera. XO Boudoir is one of the leading choices throughout the Minneapolis area. He does everything possible to make sure his clients are relaxed. Throughout the shoot, he will guide you through poses to capture the best picture possible.

If the subject is feeling very tight or uncomfortable, this will translate to the image taken. It may be the expression in the face, the rigidness of the body, or something that seems unnatural. The photographer can assist with getting in the right frame of mind. Talking with your photographer early will also allow you to ask questions about the shoot.

Depending on what studio you choose, there are likely options available. You may get to select hair and makeup, assistance with picking out your wardrobe, in addition to guidance throughout the shoot. You should always feel like a goddess by the end of the shoot.

The Day Of The Shoot

So the big day has arrived for your boudoir shoot. There are a few things to remember and do, but it isn’t as much as you would think. When it comes to your outfit(s), you can talk to the photographer about options beforehand, so you know what to bring with you. Come prepared to get hair and makeup done too.

Most studios advise their clients to get their nails done before the day of the shot. This will be one less thing to worry about. Choose what is natural for you, but having something classic looking usually reads better with this particular style of photography.

Lastly, when you arrive, start calming down the nerves. The objective for the boudoir is to capture your essence, the inner playful you. For better quality photos, it helps to loosen up. You shouldn’t have many details to remember, or anything pressing to do, the studio and photographer, if reputable, will handle all the fine details. You arrive ready to be sexy.


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