Benefits of Hiring a Norfolk Airforce Heating and Cooling Contractor

Before anything else, let us have some brief definition of terminologies so we can better understand this article.

HVAC is a common term that people use to refer to the heating and ventilating air condition system. Its common parts are heating and ventilating system, and an air conditioning unit. It is done by a furnace or a boiler in a residential building. This will include a pipe system for the delivery of the heat or ductwork to force air through the system.

It is very important in providing heating and fresh air inside residential or commercial buildings. Fresh air improves comfort levels which can bring about higher productivity and reduces pollutants and other odors. Read more about the benefits here:

People generally need an efficient HVAC system for the following reasons:

1. Rapid changes brought about by some factors which may include global warming. We are now experiencing hotter summer and colder winter season so there is a great need to regulate the temperature in residential and commercial buildings.

2. Health benefits of an efficient HVAC are- during the summer season it controls heat hence preventing dehydration. Dehydration can result in a heat stroke and is dangerous among elderly people. It also eliminates molds and allergens that may cause asthma. It will kill some insects.

3. Controlled temperature enhances productivity and reduces irritation during bad weather.

What Is The Norfolk Airforce HVAC And Where Does It Operate?

cooling contractor: 4 air con units on a roof.

The company is a second-generation family operated business and has been in the heating and cooling contractor business for 20 years. It operates in areas such as the Virginia Beach area, Chesapeake, VA, Suffolk, VA and Portsmouth VA. It has installed 4000 units.

Here are pointers and tips that can guide you to hiring a great HVAC Company: 


You have to look into the proximity to the needs Vis – a – Vis the HVAC contractor. It would be futile to search for a contractor living far from your place. Hence, if you are living in Virginia one of your options will be Norfolk Airforce Heating and Cooling services. They operate in the following area – Virginia beach area, Norfolk VA, Suffolk VA, Chesapeake VA, and Portsmouth VA.


Reliability does not happen overnight. It takes a long time over the years to build up a satisfied clientele. The best indicator of this is when there are repeat orders, or good referrals and online reviews. 

In your area, your best choice will be the Norfolk Airforce HVAC contractor because;

  1. They have been in the business for 20 years.
  2. I have installed 4000 units with a high rate of customer service.
  3. It has earned a 5-star status as a contractor in the HVAC business.

Moreover, since it is a second-generation family business they will always maintain their image, prestige, and respect they were able to for garnered over the 20 years.

Quality Of The Technician Or Service Crew

In most of the states in the US, it is customary to ask for a diploma in HVAC. Most states will not allow a technician to work in this industry in the absence of this requirement. An HVAC diploma can be attained through a 2-year study from a trade school or a Community College (read more).

It would also be worthwhile to look for Certificates of Training. The most prestigious is the NATE – North American Technician Excellence. Others are the EPA -608 issued by the Environment Protection Agency. Training certificates are needed to show that they are continually upgrading their heating and cooling contractor knowledge and skills in this rapidly evolving and innovating technology. If this certificate is not available locally then look for the counterpart in Virginia.

Read Online Reviews

In simple things like booking a hotel or choosing a restaurant, it is now the trend to read online reviews. The principle behind reading online reviews is to avoid being gypped or cheated and take our money’s worth. If this done in simple matter how much more is it important to have a successful HVAC Contractor. I took the liberty in reading the online review of Norfolk Airforce HVAC and I found many likes and thumbs up.


A government license assures the customers that the company is legally operating in the area and is a bona fide company. Since there are standards required to be maintained it can assure customer as to the quality of repairs to be made. It is also worthwhile to check with the Better Business Bureau if complaints have been filed in the past.


To protect and safeguard you from any liability on the job site be sure that the heating and cooling contractor has insurance coverage. Common is third party liability. These are accidents happening in the work area but do not involve the workforce. Workmen compensation is also needed in case of liabilities arising from technicians involved in the work area.


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