A Guide to the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

As with all things that need a little bit of homework beforehand, so is the principle of the various benefits of laser hair removal. Before getting this done on yourself it is best to weigh your options and see what suits you and your skin type. With all the lavish advertising promising you permanent solutions, it is always important to read up on all the possible information on the process, side effects and costs.

There are a few different ways to get hair-free within minutes or days or sometimes weeks. Let us look at a few readily available options, in which you can get it removed, either permanently or temporarily https://www.webmd.com/beauty/cosmetic-procedures-hair-removal#1


This is the process whereby you can use a tool to remove individual strands, like tweezers. Tthis is good if you want to remove a few strands here and there on your body and is a lot less painful than something like laser or waxing, but is not advisable to be used in large areas, and only on facial hair like eyebrows or your chin, otherwise you risk getting an infection and damaging the skin.


The easiest and possibly the quickest option to remove it on your legs, arms and facial hair (for some). However, this has some considerable long-term effects. Shaving bumps (or pseudofolliculitis) contact dermatitis (dry skin) or inflamed follicles can happen. If absolutely necessary, it’s fine to shave in between other treatments such as waxing. But it’s always advisable to stick to just one continuous form of treatment for permanent removal. 


Hot Wax, Soft Wax or Cold wax are the common types of wax used during a treatment at a salon. Some offer additional options such as Sugar Wax or Fruit Wax too. One can either do it yourself, in the comfort of your own home, and using specific waxing strips bought from the store. Or you can choose to get it done at any beauty salon that offers it via a service.

Waxing can, however, be a painful and messy experience. And if you don’t have ‘tough skin’ you may not like it too much or it is possible you miss some or bruise yourself. The advice here would be to get it done by a professional in larger areas of the body.

Hair Removing or Depilatory Creams

These creams are available at any drug store or pharmacy beauty outlet. One needs to be careful when using these creams as they are made specifically for individual areas of the body. There is no one-size-fits-all. For instance, you cannot use a cream specifically made for legs on the face or pubic regions.


As the name suggests, it uses thread to remove hair. This method was derived traditionally from the East; mainly in India. And because it was a successful technique of hair removal, the Western culture adopted it into their beauty salons. Anyone can learn how to do it on themselves, the methodology is very simple. However, it is a quick fix for removal.

benefits of laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal

As mentioned above, some methods last for a few minutes and some a few weeks or months. And this is the latter option. This method requires more than one treatment, usually about 4 to 6 treatments depending on hair and skin type. This is professionally done at a salon by an expert using a device known as BroadBand Light Therapy.

It’s done in a variety of well-established salons that have treatments specifically performed for laser hair removal Vancouver, where a laser or bean or light is sent deep into the roots and burns or destroys the bulb. There are a few benefits of this application in comparison to the others, for instance Electrolysis:

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

It is safe: The bursts of laser light are evenly distributed and done on individual strands as opposed to all at once. It uses a very mild form of radiation.

No Ingrown Hairs: When using this type of method, you will not get any ingrown hairs, like you normally would with shaving or sometimes waxing. The advantage here is that the laser doesn’t touch the skin, but the light does, so the level of pain is not as intense.

It‘s flexible: Because it works on most types of skin it can be applied to most people and is also used in both small areas as well as larger ones. Skins types up to ‘V’ can be treated with this type of removal technique.

Hair Growth is Lighter: With frequent visits to get treated at the salon, you may find that hair growth becomes a lot lighter in depth and colour, and so is the new hair growth. 

Electrolysis: As we mentioned above, we can look at the difference between this and laser hair removal. Electorlysis is a type of removal done using a very tiny needle. This needle passes an electric current through the hair into the follicle and can be done either via:

  • A thermolytic method which uses heat to terminate the follicles.
  • Galvanic hair removal which uses a chemical to terminate the follicles.

Aftercare for any treatment is of utmost importance. However, it’s simple and can be done using the application of a suitable prescribed cream or gel. The salon will either provide it to you at the time of the treatments. Or you can get them over the counter at a pharmacy. Get more information about this online

Whatever the option you chose to go with, it is always best to save up and get the more permanent method. Even if it takes longer than you would have liked, In the long-run, you will be saving both time and costs.  The benefits of laser hair removal make it more than worthwhile.


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