Best accessories for summer 2020

The weather is changing, it’s becoming much warmer out, and both digital and physical fashion shows have started popping up. With a change of the season comes a new chance to try different accessories and continue to customise outfits to fit the new trends of the season.

One of the best things about accessories is that they can help us freshen up our closet and take some of our favourite pieces from spring to summer and beyond. Most of the time accessories tend to be timeless, but there are years when the trend focuses on a decade.

For summer 2020 we are seeing the 90’s come back. With throwback looks and oversized items hitting the runway we are seeing a more comfortable and nostalgic look. When it comes to matching the trends, accessories are your best bet. Which is why we’ve gone and had a good look to bring you some of what we think the must have accessories for summer 2020 are.

Geometric Jewelry

Angular or geometric jewellery has started to pave its way in the fashion industry, in the form of earrings and large necklaces, highlighting the shapes and angles that come with these shapes. Geometric jewellery brings the eye to these pieces, as they often stand out, making a statement whenever they are worn. Designer Proenza Schouler is a great example of this trend!

Sleek Bags

People are busier than ever, so business professional handbags will always be in style it seems. When it comes to being able to carry everything you need from one place to another, having a stylish and functional handbag is always a must. Coming in so many different colours and styles, this year sees a more muted palette in handbags. Though pops of yellow are definitely in. Celine Paris bags show off this trend perfectly in their new line.


A blast from the 90’s, anklets seem to be back on trend. You know the ones! Those little bracelets people use to wear on their ankles whenever they were in heels or sandals. They were very popular then are making a bit of a comeback now, to. This is a perfect trend for the summertime when shoes are less bulky, showing off this accessory nicely. Anklets come in a variety of styles and can complement whatever shoes you have on as well. Versace has been highlighting this trend recently!

Neck Scarves

I know when you think scarves you probably think of colder weather. Well, scarves aren’t just popular in the wintertime, this summer we’ll be seeing some lighter scarves. These scarves are used for accenting outfits with a pop of colour and a bit of style while driving eyes towards your face. Silk scarves have been trying to break back through to the spotlight and this summer is when they will have succeeded. Marc Jacobs particularly have been headlining this trend!

Floral accents

Florals seem to come back about every other year. Whether it’s on a necklace, in a broach or just as a pattern on what you are wearing. Florals tend to scream summer and showcase the colour and vibrancy that comes with the season. Florals are such a constant that even when you may think that the season is past florals, they are still a good bet. This year we are expecting to see many different floral patterns and accessories, as Giambattista Valli has embraced them in their fashion shows!

What trends and accessories for summer 2020 are you excited for and hoping to see? 

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