Best Cleaner Devices For Tiles and How to Clean Them

Whether you have a business, local, or house that has a tile floor, an important part of owning one is cleaning them out. If you own a business, you may have considered hiring a professional clean company to do it for you, but if you want to clean the tiles of your house by yourself, knowing how to do it is very important.

The way you will treat the floor will depend heavily on the type of tiles it is made of. Some tiles, like ceramic or porcelain, are pretty easy to deal with and won’t require as much preparation or effort be cleaned,  whereas tiles such as natural stone tiles, marble, slate, among others, may require a different approach.

With that said, there are some things that can make everything easy for you. A good example is a good tile floor cleaning machine or a mop and the right products to use will certainly make a big difference.

Of course, the knowledge behind how to treat each tile is also very important. In this article, I’m going to teach you a little more about different types of tiles, how a tile cleaning machine can be a good investment, and how often you should clean the tile floor.

Preparations Before Cleaning

The best thing you can do before starting to clean any tile floor is doing a little clean up before using water. You want to get rid of the dirt and debris that is lurking around the floor, then clean with water afterward. It will be much faster and the dirt won’t get scattered along with it. 

You can always use a broom or a vacuum, but I recommend going for both, first brooming the vacuuming to make sure that the dirt and debris are taken care of.

After that, depending on the type of floor, you might want to use hot water or cold water. In most cases, the temperature of the water doesn’t matter, but hot water is better to get rid of stains. 

Why You Might Want to Own a Tile Cleaning Machine

During this process, you can either use a cleaning machine specifically made for tile floors, or a mop. Although a mop can be more than enough, a tile cleaning machine will make the work much faster and easy to deal with. 

Some of these machines are light-weight and easy to manage, come with a long cable, and have a water tank, which makes the whole process much easier to deal with.

With a mop, the amount of physical effort and time you’ll have to invest in the process will be much greater, along with changing the water every now and then. And the worst thing about it is that you won’t clean as deeper and efficiently with a mop.

If your house or business has tiles, investing in a tile cleaner machine will make a big difference whenever you have to clean the floor, efficiently reducing the amount of time spent on it, and how neatly it will be done.

Understanding Different Materials

Now, as I mentioned earlier, different materials require different tactics. Understanding what type of tiles you’ll be dealing with will certainly help during the process, keeping them cleaner while making sure that their durability is not affected.

Porcelain: Probably the most common type of tile along ceramic, it is well known for being aesthetically pleasing, durable, and resistant to stains. 

The great thing about this type of tile is that it requires little to no effort when it comes to its maintenance. It doesn’t require a complicated approach when it comes to cleaning it, with water, soap, and a mop is usually more than enough.

Ceramic: This material is similar to porcelain since it is durable and pretty resistant to stains and moisture. Cleaning it with water, soap, and sweeping is all you have to do.

Natural Stone Tiles:  One would believe that natural stone tiles are sturdy, yet, if you don’t use the right cleaning products you might harm them while you clean them. To clean these types of tiles, you’ll have to get yourself cleaning products that are specifically made for stone tiles. Make sure that said product pH levels are neutral or low.

Some of these tiles included materials like slate, granite, limestone, and marble. 

If you want to know more detailed information about how to deal with other types of tiles, you should check this guide over here

How to Deal with Stains

The way you will deal with stains will heavily depend on the type of stain you encounter. Some stains are easily cleaned with a little hot water and some soap, but some substances require stronger cleaning products. 

Stain cleaning products are the way to go in those cases, but always make sure that the product you choose is compatible with the type of tile you own!

How Often You Should Clean a Tile Floor

The best way to keep your tiles clean and make sure that they remain that way is by cleaning at least once a week, then doing a hardcore cleaning at the end of the month. Once a week, you can just sweep the floor and make sure dirt doesn’t pile up, then use water and cleaning products to finish the job. Of course, delicate tiles should be cleaned less often, like natural stone tiles.


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