The Best Time of Day To Bike Ride

When is the best time of day to grab your cruiser bike with basket and head out for a ride? For many people, the answer is “whenever you can.” You may have work or family obligations that prevent you from being too picky about when you ride your bike.

Then again, maybe the only way you can make time to ride a bike is to schedule a time for it specifically. If that’s the case, you should know the benefits and drawbacks of riding at certain times of the day so that you can schedule a time that works well for you.


People who work a nine-to-five schedule may prefer to ride in the evening, when most of their daily obligations are completed already. Evening is also a good time to ride if you are training specifically to increase your speed. Cortisol is a stress hormone that hurts your performance, and this tends to be lower in the evening than in the morning. After fasting for approximately eight hours, your blood sugar tends to be lower in the morning as well.

However, depending on the time and season, riding in the evening means dealing with darkness. These are conditions that increase the chance of an accident. Be sure your womens bike with basket is equipped with lights and reflectors so that you can see and be seen in the waning light. If possible, wear light-colored or reflective clothing as well.


For some people, the only time they can ride is at noon over their lunch break from work. Since a lot of people tend to be out at the same time, this can be good for people who like to be sociable as they ride. However, the motor vehicle traffic also tends to be heavier, and the weather can be hotter as well.

If you choose to ride over your lunch break, you must consider how you are going to freshen up afterward. This can force you to be creative if your workplace doesn’t provide shower facilities. Baby wipes can be of benefit here. Be sure you adhere to your employer’s attendance policies and budget enough time to be back at work when required.


Many people like to start the day with an early-morning bike ride. This is a good option for people who like a solitary ride or want to avoid traffic, as few people are out at this time in the morning. If you are riding for weight loss, morning may be a better choice. Studies show that a bike ride before breakfast may burn 20% more fat than after. Watching the sunrise during your bike ride can be a source of peace and inspiration.

It can be difficult to motivate yourself to get up out of bed for an early morning bike ride, especially during the months when the morning hours are darker and colder. Be sure to make yourself visible to others if you ride before the sun comes up and dress appropriately for the temperature.

Finding cheap bikes for men or women is a first step toward planning your routine. When you ride may be less significant than how consistent you are.


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