Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit Review


Beauty confession time – one of my weakest games is my brow game. I’ve always been too lazy to put in the time and effort to get them perfectly right. The issue with my eyebrows is that even though they are quite thick in terms of the area they occupy, they are also very sparse. Which leads to a strange combination and one that I just haven’t really mastered yet. When the opportunity arose to work with Billion Dollar Brows for a review I knew I had to jump at the chance to try and get my eyebrows into shape in 2016.

I received two kits from Billion Dollar Brows – their Best Sellers Kit, and their 60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows (which I will review separately). Both kits intrigued me a lot. I’ll admit, the prospect of having beautiful brows in 60 seconds really had me hooked; hence this Billion Dollar Brows Best Seller Kit review.

Billion Dollar Brows Best Seller Kit

The first kit I tried out was the Best Sellers Kit. In it you can find the Universal Brow Pencil, Brow Duo Pencil, Smudge Brush, Brow Gel. The box it came in was a simple cardboard box. Inside it was quite hollow, meaning there was more box than was necessary. What I did like about the packaging was that each product was securely contained. Ensuring that nothing moves about and gets damaged.

billion Dollar brows: brush

Using the Kit

To begin the application I used the brush end of the pencil and tried to get my unruly brows going in the right direction. After brushing I used the taupe eyebrow pencil to draw a thin line following my brow line on the top part of my eyebrow, and one below. I have only always used powder to fill in my brows, so the application of pencil was a bit foreign to me.

The pencil glides on quite effortlessly with each stroke. And I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to use. The difference between this and your typical pencil used for eyebrow filling seems to be quite immense. The line drawn doesn’t look unnatural and blends in quite well.

The quite unique thing about the Billion Dollar Brows brow pencil is the universal colour claim. The lighter your strokes the lighter the colour result you will receive, and the more strokes you make, or the harder you press down on the pencil the darker your result. This is quite brilliant as it helps eliminate the guessing game of trying to discover the right shade for you.

What I personally love about this is that no matter what colour my hair is at the moment I can still use the same eyebrow pencil. It’s good value for the price, and without need for sharpening it just makes it a great addition to your brow kit.

Billion Dollar brows: liner.

Billion Dollar brows: tube of gel.

The Final Steps

The next step for some people is highlighting the brow bone; but I preferred to use the angled brush to spread the pencil about to make it much more natural. I really think that it’s a great thing that the pencil comes in a universal shade. Once the eyebrows were filled in; I then proceeded to use the two sided pencil (which is half concealer, half highlighter) to clean up any imperfections or redness around the eyebrow area.

After that was blended, I then used the highlighter to draw a highlighting line under the eyebrow on the brow bone. I then blended that and used the setting gel to ensure that my brows stayed in place.

I tend to have oily skin, and one of the burdens that comes with that is that a lot of makeup can eventually melt off my face. I’ve done my eyebrows with the Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit; they have lasted all day despite any sweat, rain, or accidental wiping.

Overall, this kit is a nice addition to my makeup stash. I like that all of the products that you will need to create the look come in one kit! And it’s great that they all work together. If you wish you even have the possibility to pick and choose what you want. Depending on the look you want to create.

What products do you use to sort out your eyebrows? 

product was sent in exchange for review / all thoughts and opinions are my own
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