The Firing Line Trilogy Book 3 – Crossing The Line

If like me you’ve been anticipating the release of Crossing the Line (Book 3 in The Firing Line series) the wait is over. In what I can only describe as a gripping book from beginning to end Crossing the Line has been the icing on the cake of what has been a rollercoaster trilogy.

The Firing Line: Crossing the Line cover
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Synopsis: Beth is still reeling from a hit ordered by ‘El Escorpion’, the notorious cartel leader she has relentlessly pursued for the last six years in her role as DEA agent. Reunited with her lover and undercover agent Torres, who is now her husband, and raising their adopted daughter Alejandra, she should be happier. But her role in the tragedy eats away at her, as does her final fling with her old partner Patterson, which she has hidden from Torres… 

So when truths are exposed, Beth and Torres’ fierce passion turns into an embittered battle. Beth’s only desire now is to track down El Escorpion once and for all. But will her search for justice cost her everything?Review: I devoured this book in the best part of a day, and must say that I was extremely sucked in by the twists and turns that it took. At the point of reading this book it is safe to say that I found myself already entangled in the life that these characters lived and felt quite emotionally connected to them. After a tragic, and what can only be described as a bittersweet and emotionally confusing ending in Holding the Line (book 2 in the trilogy) I was ready for some closure. So I was glad with what the final book in the series was able to provide, both for myself, and for the characters.

About the Author:  Originally from California, Kierney Scott moved to Scotland to enroll in the PhD programme in Educational Research at the University of Edinburgh.
The Firing Line: Picture of Kierney Scott
Four days after she arrived, she met her husband, who persuaded her it would be more fun to get married than write a thesis. After the birth of her daughter she decided it was time to go back to school, but soon discovered all she wanted to write was romance novels. She admitted her literary proclivities to her husband, who promptly bought her a laptop and told her to start writing her book.
When she is not writing, you will probably find her at a spinning class or baking (read eating) cupcakes. Her butter cream icing is legendary, if only in her mind. If you want her recipe, or just want to chat, you can contact her at or follow her on twitter @Kierney_S.If like me, you want to know more about the author, come have a look while I pick her brain in the Kierney Scott Firing Line Trilogy Q&A. You can find Kierney on Twitter, Facebook, and on the collective authors blog Pink Ink
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