7 Bohemian Bedroom Design Ideas

The wonderfully eclectic decorating style that is bohemian or boho is one without rigid rules. There are elements of bright colours, multiple cultures, eras and styles; billowing fabrics, varying textures, layering and patterns which makes it great fun to put together. Bohemian bedroom design ideas breathe soul into the home and are great for those who love art, colour, inspiration and the unconventional. Unconventional items are a lot of fun to have in the home and truly express your personality. For example, a neon light is a fun addition to your bedroom. You can find unique lights at sites like www.neonfilter.com and make your bedroom as unique as you!

Bohemian is one style where you can really stretch the limits of ordinary. Read on to be inspired by these 7 bohemian bedroom design ideas.

1. Furniture Nearer to the Floor

Authentic bohemian room design must have its furniture low-lying. In addition to your bohemian bed, this could be low-backed sofas with snug throw cushions, lots of plush and for additional seating, some neighbouring poufs. For the bed, you can even go as far as skip the frame and place your mattress directly on the floor. Shop around for antique furnishings to complete the look.

2. Bring in Nature

Indoor plants are an important element in a boho bedroom space because they convey the message of enjoying life. Plants don’t just purify the air but bring nature indoors, provide a relaxing vibe and an inviting atmosphere. They are also mood elevating. The pop of green colour wouldn’t get in the way of the rest of your room’s design. Feel free to use a variety of plants. For depth, interest and creativity, consider hanging plants.

3. Lots of Colour

Jewel tones are especially suited to Bohemian decor. Play freely and boldly with purples, pinks, oranges, blues or greens or whatever other hues suit your fancy. To bring in various colours, one idea is to use patterned curtains, a patterned duvet and patterned rug. Alternatively, you can even go as simple as black and white and introduce colour with rugs or wall hangings.  Perhaps you have dressed your bedroom windows with blinds from makemyblinds – introduce some gypsy style curtains to create a truly Bohemian impression.  

4. Blend Cultures

The inspiration and incorporation of global cultures is a key aspect of Bohemian interior design. So get creative with blending cultures. A popular cultural influence is from Morocco and you can bring it out in a few of your bedroom elements. This could include the pillows, throw blanket and rug and blend it with elements from other cultures. How about some bright linens as a contrasting feature to the Moroccan bed spread? Another idea – bring together throw pillows from different parts of the globe.

If you haven’t travelled much outside where you live, try to get some artistic pieces from the local antique shop and display them smartly in your bedroom.

5. Impress with Lights

Don’t be content with a night lamp or simple bulb. You need to go all the way when it comes to Bohemian lighting. String lights are great for some magic and maybe even romance. You can let them hang from the ceiling or outline your windows with them.  Pair hanging lights on your bed headboard with a dangling bulb.

Here are some other ideas:

  • Geometric light fixtures for a polished air
  • Lantern style lamps that convey the impression of having different sizes of flickering candles dotting the room and giving off a warm glow. You can add some real candles to boost the effect.
  • For a relaxing boho atmosphere, combine deep earth tones and patterned bedding with some twinkle lights.  

6. Decorate with Art

Don your bedroom wall with all kinds of colourful art –paintings, botanical etchings, photographs, a neon sign with an inspiration message on it, a collection of feathers, old maps, vintage handkerchiefs or a big vintage movie poster, fabric scraps and so on. One great idea is to put up a neon word art sign with an inspirational message on it

7. Layer to add Beauty

Layering colors, patterns and textures can contribute to creating a playful and aesthetically appealing impact. You can consider starting off with an intricate pattern of duvet and follow it up with a throw blanket. Then add an area rug.  Bohemian is synonymous with lots of textiles and textures so rather than using a single material for everything try to effect a mix such as a shaggy rug, a knitted comforter and linen pillows. To up the Bohemian quotient, how about stretching some patterned fabric over the ceiling with a slight draping at the edges and in the center? This is a great addition to create the romantic feel.

Working on Boho design and decor can really open your mind to new ideas and innovative design concepts. Enjoy the ride.

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