Book Review – The Ultimate Guide to Using Influencer Marketing by Joe Sinkwitz

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Title: The Ultimate Guide to Using Influencer Marketing
Author: Joe Sinkwitz
Genre: Business
Paperback: 173
Publication Date: December 4, 2017

Have you ever wondered how that Instagram model is able to afford the seemingly endless luxuries in all the photos she posts? 

Have you ever wished that it was you getting all those products and being paid all that money? 

Have you ever thought that you simply wish she was promoting your product?

The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing satisfies all three of these questions, by providing an in-depth look at the business world of influencers, how to use them for your business, and how to become one yourself. Written by digital marketing industry veteran Joe Sinkwitz, CEO of Intellifluence with a foreword by Copypress CEO Dave Snyder, you’ll learn how to create influencer campaigns for your brand or agency from scratch and how influencers can grow their audiences to full potential over 29 actionable chapters.

As a pro-blogger, I´m always on the lookout for new books to help me keep moving forward in my career. Unfortunately, I have come across book after book of information that seems to be repeated and regurgitated. Even worse, some of the information is outdated or not relevant to the here and now. The world of influencers and influencer marketing is always moving and always evolving so it´s difficult to find guides that are up to date and even more difficult to find guides that are actually relevant.
Aside from being a pro-blogger, I have other business plans in mind that will make me see the switch from being “the influencer” to the person on the hunt for influencers. But until that comes to fruition I took the chance to read the book as I knew that the knowledge would be beneficial at a later date.
Little did I know that it would not only be beneficial to me in the future but also in the know!

Why I Recommend it for Influencers

If you´re an influencer and want to be better at what you do, find out what it is that brands and PR´s are really focused on, and want to take the leap from “hobby” influencer to pro then this book is a must read! Whether you´re a social media influencer, a micro-influencer, or a blogger knowing the ins and outs of the business puts you in a much better position to thrive.

How does it help Bloggers and Influencers?

Obviously, with a non-fiction book you don´t really have to worry about spoilers, but at the same time I really don´t want to spoil any of the information in the book. You may interpret things differently depending on where in your journey you are, but the 29 chapters (don´t worry, it´s a quick read) help you put things into action.

Some of my favourite bits of the book for bloggers are:

  • finding out what type of influencer brands want for each campaign
  • determining how brands decide what platform to use
  • trying to get into the mind of the PR or brand and see how they choose whether to keep working the same people or getting new ones
  • and even seeing how brands and PR´s negotiate their rates

I felt a bit sneaky whilst reading this book. As if I had gone behind the scenes to an area that was prohibited or that I wasn´t meant to be privy to. I´m not going to lie, it´s brilliant to be able to know how to make yourself the person that brands are looking for.

Is it really the ultimate guide? 

I don´t know if it´s the ultimate guide as I haven´t read every guide there is, but it is definitely a very valuable book. And the guide that I will be keeping on my desk and to hand. I´ve read it from cover to cover and also have my favourite bits highlighted and bookmarked to keep me on my toes. The chapters are easy to read, actionable, and help you get yourself into gear and go full throttle.
If you are a blogger or influencer and you are looking for the boost that will take your business in the right direction then this book is it!


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