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We all like to save money and with the holidays right around the corner, we are probably shopping online more than usual. I know I am! Whenever I do my online shopping I like to make sure that I get the best deal possible. One of the ways I do that is by checking out cashback sites. We all know the usual suspects on the cashback site scene but what you already know is not always the best option.

I always like to discover new ways to save money or just get a better deal and the most recent one that I have come across is boom25. Most cashback sites allow you to get a percentage of cashback on your purchases but Boom25 is quite different. How so? In this post, I’m going to tell you.

What is Boom25?

For all intents and purposes, Boom25 is a cashback site. The biggest difference between Boom25 and other sites is that with Boom25 you don’t get back a small percentage designated by each retailer. You don’t have to wait weeks to have pennies on the pound added to an account that will take you ages to cash out.

How do you Join?

It’s super simple to join Boom25! Follow this link to Boom25 enter your name, email address, and choose a password. It’s that simple! Once you are logged into the site you can then browse your favourite retailers and do your shopping via the site.

You can search for stores, browse through the most popular sites, or even just browse via your favourite categories. For example, we are on the go often and just by looking under the “travel” category I found hotel sites, car rental sites, and so much more!

Boom25 homepage

How do you Win?

It’s simple really – all you have to do is shop!

The Boom25 algorithm fairly picks the winner on every qualified 25th purchase, though it may be fewer depending on the odds set in special offers). When someone wins the counter starts again! Once a purchase is approved it is then entered into a draw and the 25th purchase wins. Once a winner has been chosen Boom25 will send qualified entrants an email and once you Spin the Wheel you’ll be able to see if you were the lucky winner!

What’s the Catch?

Call me a sceptic but with so many scams nowadays, especially online, it’s easy to doubt anything that may sound too good to be true. On this occasion, you don’t have to worry as there is no catch. Boom25 is an affiliate partner for the companies that are on the site, and once a purchase is made they get their affiliate commission. They keep a bit of the earnings to run the site and then pool the remains to pass on to the winners – it’s that simple!

What do I think?

I  really like the concept of Boom25, especially as I have become quite disillusioned with other cashback sites. It can take quite a long time to accrue enough money for a payout and that can make it frustrating. Both in theory and in practice Boom25 is a really good idea. It gives you the illusion of trying your luck whilst allowing you to remain fully in control!

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