Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Breast Cancer & Its Treatment

Even the mention of cancer is enough to make us go running for the hills. But we have to face facts. The fact is that breast cancer is one of the most common cancers out there affecting humans. However it’s really easy to diagnose early on and subsequently easy to treat if it is caught early. However, despite the recommendation that we go for screening early in life (starting around the age of 18) and regularly (once a month is advised), many people don’t do it and they know little about breast cancer and its treatment. 

They hold off getting checked for the occurrence of breast cancer until breast cancer treatment is quite difficult. We’ve laid out all you need to know about breast cancer, including the possible risk factors and the popular ways of treating it. Education is the first & vital step in fighting this disease.

What is Breast Cancer?

In the simplest terms, breast cancer is a disease whereby the cells that make up the breast tissue grow and replicate at a dangerous rate. The thing about cancerous cells is they are not like the cells that make up your breast tissue normally. This malignant and vicious growth and mutation of cells can easily metastasize or spread to other parts of the body. Cancerous cells usually hitch rides on blood vessels or lymph nodes.

What are the Risks?

Cancer risk is risky behaviour that you should cut out of your life to avoid any chronic diseases. Some risks, such as age, ethnicity or family history are not able to be changed. But some, like smoking, drinking or working around hazardous materials can and should be changed to improve your health for the better.

Age & gender are the biggest risk factors associated with breast cancer. The majority of those diagnosed are older women. Nevertheless, some other risk factors are completely within your control to change.

The first is a controversial one; it is the weight. Being overweight or obese at the onset of your menopause is a pretty big risk factor for breast cancer. Tobacco and alcohol consumption are also pretty high on the list. Once you let go of chemicals, it will be easier to live a healthier life. Plus, a regular and challenging workout routine is recommended to stave off this disease.

What Treatment is Currently Available for Breast Cancer?

The treatment that is recommended for those suffering from breast cancer will vary according to which stage cancer has progressed to. It can vary from chemotherapy to radiation to even surgery. Your physician can work on you to create a treatment plan that will be both effective and not disrupt your life too much.

Chemotherapy, as a treatment for breast cancer, involves medications designed to isolate and destroy the cancerous cells in the breast tissue. It is either administered orally, via pills or injected right into the blood vein. The surgery option seems like the most invasive, with surgeons going in and surgically removing all of the affected tissue. This often results in a mastectomy, the removal of one or both breasts.

Having cancer is a struggle that many people choose to deal with privately, without much fanfare. However, I know that it does affect a lot of people and being proactive about getting checked. Nearly 2% of all women get breast cancer at some time in their lives. 2% might not seem like a big number, but when multiplied by the many billion who live on this planet, it is.


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