Bringing An Older Home To Life Instead Of Letting It Drag You Down

older home facade

We all like to have a little say in what kind of style our home will be in. Yet there are certain homes that seem to make it more difficult to express yourself. An older home is a good example of a home with constraints you need to work in. However, with the right choices of where to update and what to leave, you can truly bring an older home to life and make it your own.

Tidying those imperfections

Every home comes with its imperfections. An older one is simply likely to come with a bit more. To keep them hidden, try to keep the colour scheme of the room uniform and even, at least as far as the paint goes. Contrasting between walls only makes those little marks more visible. Older homes tend to have obsolete and awkward layouts, too. Address these by splitting the room into zones. A little alcove that serves no purpose could easily become a reading nook, for instance.

Mix the old and the new

As for the choice of furniture you’re using, you don’t want to have to fall too hard into sticking with the vintage look. Even if you love it, you want a bit more control over how you decorate the room. So, instead, consider using a vintage piece, like a lovely big bookcase, armoire, or a rich brown leather Chesterfield as a focal point. Then around it, use more modern sensibilities to let it stick out more. For instance, blending it with a more modern glass coffee table to make the room a little lighter while still embracing the vintage elements.

Celebrate its age

An older house isn’t just going to be made noticeable by its age. It’s likely to have a few vestiges of days gone by right in there in the design. For instance, if you have any stained windows, then give them pride of place rather than trying to hide or upstage them. Use them as a focal point for the room. If there are elaborate but pretty trims around the house, then use them. Paint them in a contrasting colour to the rest of the room to give them the attention they deserve. Embrace the little oddities that make the home yours. Focusing on them will draw the eye away from the kind of imperfections we mentioned, as well.

Modernise some areas

There are some parts of the home that people are simply more comfortable with embracing a much more modern style. In particular, we’re thinking about the kitchen and the bathroom. You want these rooms to look clean, to look functional, and to look comfortable above all else. Don’t be afraid to get your new tiles and your granite countertops in. Unfortunately, sticking with the old in these rooms can just make them look a little too grubby for feel comfortable in.

Adding an extension and a conservatory can give your house that extra living space you need to maybe have an open plan kitchen or a family room. This can give your family a bigger space to live in whilst still keeping older features like a front room.

While you should feel free to update where you can, it’s better to move into a home you know you can feel comfortable with. If you’re truly dead set against the vintage look, then an older house simply might not be for you.

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