Budget Tips for Your Home Renovations

home renovations: Outside of old building with shutters that needs renovation

Are you thinking of embarking on some home renovations?

If you are, you’re certainly not alone. Many UK homeowners choose to do the same each year. However, you may not be quite so keen to share the £23,000 average spend that those same UK property owners expended in 2017. Luckily, you can renovate your property on a budget while still ensuring it will look stunning.

What tips can you take on-board to keep the costs down when making home improvements?

Effective budget tips for home renovations

If you are looking at updating your home without spending lots of cash, then there are many great ways to do just that. Renovating your home need not cost the earth and you can still get a fabulous look when complete. Here are some fantastic ways to go about renovating on a budget.

  • Wooden shutters – using stylish and top quality wooden shutters is a great budget tip when making your home look better. They are not only easy to fit and look amazing but also come in a huge range of designs. Using shutters means that you can update the look of your home to a high standard without breaking the bank.


  • Do the work yourself. We all know that the biggest cost with building projects is the labour. Therefore, it makes perfect financial sense to save money by doing the work yourself where you can. Of course, any jobs that you are not confident about or need qualified workmen to complete should be outsourced to the professionals. For those jobs that you can do personally though, it is worthwhile because of the money it will save.


  • Mix high-end with off the shelf. A great tip to achieve that designer look with your renovation at a fraction of the cost is to mix your materials. Naturally, you will want to use good quality standard materials. When you mix in a few higher-end items, the overall effect is a stunning as if using the more expensive materials for the whole thing.


  • Reuse and recycle. A great budget saving tip for renovations is to reuse and recycle old materials or items. An old door, for example, could be turned into a fabulous new dining table. Or old bricks from a demolished wall could be re-used elsewhere. This naturally saves you lots of money on buying new materials. It’s also important to dispose of unwanted items and materials effectively so that they don’t pile up and get in your way. There are some great Budget Skip Hire options available to choose from.


  • Skylights! if you have a particularly dark room or an attic space that is being renovated then adding an off the peg skylight is a fairly inexpensive way to transform it. These cost less than you think and they bring a sleek, light feel to a space.

Get the look you want on a budget

Many people love to renovate and update their homes to give their environment a new lease on life. Doing so can change your current property into a home that is more convenient and pleasant to be in. And this can help you avoid having to move. Of course, we all like to spend as little money as possible on home renovations to achieve what we want so the above tips should prove very useful.

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