When To Call a Burnaby HVAC Contractor For AC Installation & Heating Repair

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Most of us are not sure when precisely is the best time to get an expert to take a look at different elements of our home. Maintaining it is not something we think of until we actually need a massive repair with high costs or when we want to install something new, like this

This is especially true for your HVAC system. When it works properly, no one even notices it. But the moment it stops working or slows down, everyone is wondering what’s happening. 

But what is the best time to call an HVAC contractor? What will a Burnaby HVAC contractor do? And what to expect when they come? 

Find out by reading below: 

What Does An HVAC Contractor Do?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. People who are experts in HVAC work on the maintenance and repair of the mentioned elements. For example, they will fix your boilers, air conditioners, furnaces, etc. Here’s more about HVAC systems and how they work: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heating,_ventilation,_and_air_conditioning

They can help you decide which new equipment to buy and also install it.

So, you would essentially begin your search for new equipment by communicating with a contractor. 

When To Call An HVAC Contractor?

So, when do you call a Burnaby HVAC contractor exactly? 

Here is a list of the common situation when you should an HVAC contractor:

Just Maintenance

In this case, you would call an HVAC contractor when you believe that your system needs a checkup. People usually have their own Burnaby HVAC contractor that comes to them on a pre-determined schedule. 

A good rule of thumb is that your HVAC cexactlynor should come every six months, preferably in the spring and fall or between extreme seasons. Even manufacturers recommend maintenace, just to make sure that the products you get last their possible longest time. 

Look at this just like an oil change for your car – it’s necessary and beneficial for your system. And if you get insurance or a warranty, you might not get the money back if your system breaks but you haven’t done any maintenance. 

At the very least, you should perform maintenance on a yearly basis. 

Replacing Worn-Out Parts

This may not be a must but it can be another way for you to prolong your system’s life and performance. Many elements of your system will easily wear out or beak – ignitors or contractors, for instance. So, checking from time to time would help you keep your HVAC system healthy. 

Of course, it’s not safe or smart to do these repairs on your own because you can hurt yourself or cause a bigger problem. This can also be done on your yearly maintenance, but even better if you do it every 6 months. 

If you replace these parts before they break, you’ll have a more reliable and safe system. If you wish to avoid any unnecessary repair or maintenance charges, ensure to get the HVAC or AC installed effectively. Seeking the help of professionals will serve you the best benefits here. So, wait no more and learn more about it right away!

When You Hear Noises

A good way to know it’s time to call a contractor is to listen. If you hear some strange noises, it’s probably not ghosts, but rather your HVAC system acting up. HVAC systems usually do make some sort of noise even when they work well, but it’s usually hard to notice and you get used to it.

However, noises that sound strange probably warrant calling a professional ghostbuster for HVAC systems to take a look at it. The noise will not just go away – it just might get worse. 

Your Energy Bill Spiking (or Decreasing)

If you’re experiencing some changes on your bill, you might have a faulty HVAC system on your hands. For one, they already spend a lot of energy, but when broken, your heating system can cost you even more.

Since this kind of problem can cost you money in more ways, it would be advisable to seek professional help from HVAC contractors such as Quick Cool. Better get it taken care of the soonest time possible, for the longer you ignore the problem, the worse it becomes and the more money you waste.

Listen to Your Thermostat

Newer thermostats can tell you when something in the system is broken, so you can easily notice that and promptly call your contractor. 

Your Home is Too Hot or Cold

This one might be slightly obvious, but it’s worth mentioning because many people assume that it’s something other than their HVAC system. However, it’s highly unlikely that it can be something else. If it’s cold outside and your home is cold as well even though it should be comfortably warm, you should definitely call your contractor. The same goes for AC and warm weather. 

You might also notice an inconsistency in temperature from one room to the other. For instance, your bathroom will be freezing but your living room hot and then your bedroom might be freezing again. This means that there is a big problem with heating and cooling. 

Weak Airflow 

You might notice that your airflow is weaker than usual from your heating and cooling units. This is usually a minor issue, but it would do you good to solve it on time so it doesn’t turn into a bigger one. 

What To Expect From An HVAC Contractor?

Your contractor will likely: 

  • Explain what needs to be done and do a complete diagnosis of your system so that they know what steps to take
  • They will give you an estimate timeframe and cost required to complete the repair or installation
  • They will already have their equipment with them and experts when they arrive
  • They will be properly licensed and insured
  • They will be professional, friendly and communicative
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