3 California Glamping Trip Locations to Consider

Glamping in California is a trend that is slowly on the rise in this region. The popularity of glamping isn’t surprising considering that this area has around 300 parks surrounded by forests, mountains, deserts, beaches, or a combination of these. Because of this, there are many California glamping trip locations to consider!

Glamping or Camping?

There are many people who would consider sleeping in a flimsy tent as an exciting experience. However, there are others who think this way of exploring is not for them. The concept of being close to nature is appealing. But many prefer the comforts of a soft bed instead of rugged terrain.

Glamping is slowly becoming a tourism strategy. This gives people the chance to experience sleeping soundly outdoors in the comforts of luxury accommodation. Glamping allows people to be close to nature without compromising their security and convenience. California is the perfect place for glamping. It doesn’t matter if you’re a local or a tourist. Here are some of the best glamping sites in the region: 

California Glamping Locations: Sequoia High Sierra Camp

The Sequoia High Sierra Camp is a remote wilderness nestled in the confines of Sierra Nevada. It offers a scenic view of the Alpine lake and its rolling hills and valleys. The camp boasts of canvas tents designed with woolen blankets as well as stylish Persian rugs. If you go glamping at this campground the gourmet meals are included in your package!

giraffe reaching to eat from palm tree at living desert zoo in california: California glamping trip locations

California Glamping Locations: Starry Safari at the Living Desert

The Starry Safari at the Living Desert is a concept found only in California. Who would have thought that it’s possible to stay overnight in the same place where cheetahs, mountain lions, bearded dragons, and other wild animals reside?

Isn’t it exciting to hear coyotes howl from a safe distance?

Rest assured that despite seeming dangerous the management of this glamping site takes strict measures to guard you and the other people in the camp. Aside from staying in a posh tent, you will also get to experience riding a camel and having a private tour of the Sonoran desert during your stay.

Yosemite National Park in California

Yosemite High Sierra Camp

The Yosemite High Sierra Camp has an elevation of 9,000 ft. Unlike the other camping grounds, you need to do a bit of trekking before reaching the site. Rest assured, you will get all your energy back once you see a stunning 360-degree view of the National Park upon your arrival. Experienced chefs will also serve you with local delicacies during your stay. Many of the guests here experienced junking their initial plan of exploring other trails because they found their glamping tent to be so irresistible to stay at.

Glamping in California is an experience that is undoubtedly one for the books. The awesome feeling of being close to nature, the picturesque landscapes, the well-designed interior, and the mouth-watering food are some of the memories that you will be able to bring home.

As a word of caution though: glamping is highly addictive. Pretty soon, you will find yourself searching for more California glamping trip locations!


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