Can I Use CBD for Anxiety?

When you are looking for a great option to help you handle the anxiety in the right manner, there are different choices you can make. One method that is becoming more common now than ever is to use CBD for anxiety. CBD can provide a great way for the patient to work with their body in a natural way, working through anxiety and feeling better in the process.

But how is the CBD product going to work? The human body has receptors that are required to help us function well. These receptors will be attached to the cells and can receive signals from the brain and other stimuli. CBD is thought to have the ability to interact with two receptors in particular, the CB1 and CB2 receptors. These are the ones that are found in the central and the peripheral nervous system.

While these receptors are not always understood, it is believed that they are in charge of the serotonin in the body. Serotonin is an important neurotransmitter that will work with your mental health. When the levels of serotonin are low, the individual is more likely to suffer from conditions like depression. In some cases, this will lead to anxiety.

While there are medications designed to help with this, such as Zoloft and Prozac, these can be addictive and will come with a lot of potential symptoms that make them less than ideal. CBD may be a more effective method to handle the anxiety, without all of the negative issues.

There have been several studies done to help show some of the benefits of CBD and how well it can work against anxiety in the body. For generalized anxiety, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, CBD is able to reduce the amount of stress that some animals, such as rats, will feel. The subjects of the study were observed to have fewer signs of anxiety, with a reduction in their heart rate, when they took the CBD.

CBD can also help to treat other forms of anxiety too. These includes social anxiety disorder, anxiety induced insomnia, and post-traumatic stress disorder. In a study done in 2011, researchers looked to see how CBD affected people with SAD. The participants were given either a placebo or 400 milligrams of CBD. Those who were given the CBD experienced a reduction in their anxiety levels.

The same can be seen with PTSD. Multiple studies show how this substance is able to help the patient to stop having nightmares and can reduce the negative memories that get stuck in their heads. When added to a therapy regimen like CBT, the patient is able to handle their PTSD better than before.

CBD is a unique compound that can work naturally with the body and does not cause addiction like some of the other options out there. This can make it the ideal way to handle anxiety and will provide some of the relief that many patients have been looking for.

CBD can be a great option for those who are dealing with anxiety. You need to make sure you can find the right place to get CBD for anxiety in Baltimore to help you handle the anxiety and get a high-quality product that will make you feel better.

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