Car Maintenance – My Tips for Making it an Easy Part of Your Routine

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If you’re a regular around here you’ll know how much we love to get behind the wheel and go on an adventure. From France to Nevada we have driven and explored some really great places. Sometimes though, it’s all about staying closer to home and discovering what’s right at your door step.

The North West is a truly underrated place. Up here we’ve got The Lake District, The Yorkshire Dales, Manchester, and more natural beauty that you can shake a stick at. One of the best thing about the beautiful Lancashire area is the proximity to places like North Wales and Scotland. If you have itchy feet and want to explore you can easily get in your car and drive in any direction that takes your fancy.

As seasoned drivers we know the importance of always having road trip essentials with you, you know snacks, cushions, blankets, good music. No, but seriously the basics like good windshield wipers, making sure the water is topped up, having your tyres properly inflated and making sure they have enough tread, etc. All those things are important when you go on a road trip, but what importance do you give them for the day to day? With work, kids, and life it can be the last thing on our minds.

On top of that as women many of us believe that sorting out the car is a task that should be left to the man of the house. In a day and age where women fight for equality in every aspect why not learn to take care of things ourselves and scrap the gender roles once and for all?

Checking and Replacing Your Tyres 

Tyre pressure is useful on so many fronts. If your tyres are inflated appropriately your car will be more fuel efficient for one, saving you money in the long run. The importance of tyres is massive and it’s easy to be on top of especially because it’s something that we can easily see. If your tyres are low on tread and you’re on the road you can easily get online and sort it out.

With the internet in our pockets it’s simple to just go online and check for tyres whether you are in the North West, London or even in the Forth of Fife where you can find cheap tyres online at Fife Autocentre.

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Heed the Lights but don’t Panic

There’s usually 2 kinds of people – those who see a light turn on on their dashboard and ignore it (or even cover it) or those who panic. Don’t panic but do heed the lights. If you have a local mechanic or auto centre then do give them a call or pop in for a quick check. A lot of times it’s the computer that is in your car just doing what it’s programmed to do.

My “change oil light” went on once when I was out shopping. I popped into a certain national chain to get it looked at and it happened to be that the light didn’t get reset when I got my most recent oil changed weeks before. The light is programmed to go on at intervals based on the miles that you drive or your last service but as it happens with technology things can malfunction.

Carry the Essentials

Another very simple way to maintain your car in good shape is to always carry the essentials in your boot and use them. I have a bit of a ritual and have had since I started driving 16 years ago where I wash and vacuum my car and check the oil and fluids. I suppose that came about because my first car was quite a bit beat up and needed that TLC.

If you have easy access to things like oil, windshield fluid, etc. in your car then the maintenance will become a 20 minute task that can and will save you lots in the long run. Both in terms of money and time.

We give our car the royal treatment when it comes to “special occasions” like a trip but during the day to day we tend to be a bit neglectful and not focus on car maintenance. The consequences of car maintenance negligence can not only be expensive but also a massive inconvenience. As you can see, investing a little bit of time can make a big difference in the long run both for your lifestyle and your car.

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