Carefree and Child-like Date Ideas to Help You Bond


Dating can be stressful. That definitely goes without saying. The thing is, no matter how stressful it may all be we really don’t do much to ease the pressure and make our experience that much more enjoyable. Whether you’ve just met someone on one of the best dating sites online or you are planning on making dating with your long-term love more enjoyable, I’ve compiled some of the most carefree and child-like date ideas that are location specific to help you let go of the stress and give into some fun!

Isle of Man

Isle of Man dating ideas abound. I guess that’s what happens in such a beautiful and unique place. If I was visiting the Isle of Man and wanted a unique dating idea the Victorian water-powered carousel would be at the top of my list! Going on non-traditional and age-inappropriate dates can help you go back to a time of innocence and with all of the stresses that we face daily in the “adult world”! The carousel is in Silverdale Glen, which also has a boating lake and seems to be a lovely location for a lovely day out.


This home county, also known as the Royal County of Berkshire, is home to Windsor Castle. Though you can find going to the castle a perfect occasion for a date, why not let your hair down and go to Legoland in Windsor instead? Berkshire dating doesn’t have to be posh. It can be fun and carefree, and a day at Legoland is definitely that. With its close proximity to London, there’s no excuse to not visit if you’re a resident of the capital.


Another location within close proximity to London is Guilford. This Surrey town is full of history and charm, though it seems there aren’t a lot of exciting things to do. The most appealing carefree dating idea that I could think of was a relaxing summer day at the Guildford Lido. Guildford dating ideas will consist of mostly cultural days out, but a nice summer day reminiscent of the 1930’s charm that the lido provides is a fun date if you ask me. Picnics in the park, laying on the grass, and taking a dip in the pool to cool down is what a carefree summertime date should be!


If you’re in Glasgow and one of the many Strathclyde singles why not visit X-Plode Paintball. It’s said to be a lot of fun for groups so why not make the experience that much more fun by making it a group outing and a group date. The camaraderie that comes with a competitive event, as well as the adrenaline release, can bring you that much closer to your date without making things feel stressed or pressured. It’s probably one of my top date ideas to help you bond with your date.

Dating is meant to be an enjoyable way to get to know someone more or create a stronger bond with your other half. And dating in a carefree manner is an even better way to unleash the childlike wonder and spirit that we all have within. After all, love is fun and if we have fun with those we love or those we may one day love, well, you can’t go wrong.


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