Cat Proofing Your Balcony: 3 Easy Tips To Try

It is safer to let your cats stay indoors than let your cat roam around outside. However, if your home has a balcony, you might wonder if it is an excellent idea to let your cat stay there to get some fresh air. The balcony can be a safe place for your cat, but only when you have ensured it is cat proofed. So, read on to find tips on cat proofing your balcony. 

Surround your balcony with a wire or plastic mesh

Cat Proofing Your Balcony: 3 Easy Tips To Try

This option is for you if you always have cats on your railing. Here, you are not building a cage but a cat catio that would let your cats see outside through a protected space. This option is perfect for people in the city who don’t own a backyard but want their cats exposed to fresh air and outdoors. 

Surround every part or some part of the inside of your balcony perimeter with a barrier material to the rails or post. Ensure that no weak places or gaps allow your cat to pass through. 

Enclosing your balcony doesn’t mean it would become dull or unattractive for your acts. Cats love seeing things around them. So, make a vantage point for them, like a post or perch. You should only do this if you have fully enclosed your balcony.

Use a large crate for an outdoor cat enclosure

For cat owners who need a quick fix, this option would be for you as it doesn’t need much time, effort, or money. You just need to put a crate in a place with a good view of the outdoor scenery on your balcony. 

Also, ensure that your cat can’t escape from the crates. So you must place facilities like a litter box and water. Ensure that your cat has the required breeze and shade during warm sessions. This will let your cat avoid heat strokes. 

Build a catwalk, enclosure, or catio

Cat Proofing Your Balcony: 3 Easy Tips To Try

If you are great with tools or DIY and have basic construction materials like tools, heavy mesh nets, wire screening, and lumber with time to spare, then you can create your catio. You can create an enclosed shelter, a long and enclosed walkway, or a sizable open-air box. This means that cat proofing your balcony can be made as simple or as fancy as you want. 

You can browse and get building instructions, inspiration, catio plans, or photos from the web. Several DIY cat owners have created several types and sizes of catios and their building tips, videos, and pictures of the finished products. 

Wrap Up

Ensuring that you are efficiently cat proofing your balcony is essential. This is so, especially if you live above the second floor. If your home is in a busy area, you wouldn’t want your house cat to escape from your balcony railing. The above tips should help you in cat proofing your balcony.

Generally, it would be best if you made your cat proofing environment very comfortable for your cats. After all, when your cats have a warm place to sleep, they wouldn’t want to leave there for anything.

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