What Does Your Charm Bracelet Really Mean? #YourCharmStory

Charm bracelets are very personal pieces of jewellery. There are bracelets to represent your family connections and even bracelets for hardcore Disney fans. There’s been a rise in their popularity over the past decade or so, but at the same time, a charm bracelet is timeless. If you wear or own a charm bracelet have you ever stopped to consider what each charm really means? Before getting into further details, we would suggest you to check these dorsal bracelets if you are fond of them.


Each charm bracelet has a personal meaning and story behind it. For example, did you know that the heart symbol has been around since the middle ages? The symbol has since represented love and affection and a heart with an arrow through it symbolises a captured heart.

Whilst another very common symbol for a charm, a necklace, and frankly, any type of jewellery is a butterfly. The butterfly is not only a symbol for change and evolving but can symbolise joy.

What Makes the Perfect Charm? 

For me, the perfect charm and in turn the perfect charm bracelet would be a curated collection of those things that I hold near and dear. Anything symbolising my family, my hobbies, and those things that give me peace and a warm feeling. I’ve been scouring through the Kigu of London site and even though all of their jewellery is definitely jewellery goals I have been focusing on my favourite charms.

For example, this stunning rose gold and gemstone charm is simple and really doesn’t have an obvious meaning but you can give it your own special meaning and add it to your bracelet both for its good looks and whatever symbolism you want to provide. Same goes for the beautiful blue and clear zirconia that is elegant and timeless.

The love charm is self-explanatory and the heart also screams love and emotions.

charm bracelet

charm bracelet

If you are as confused as I am about the meanings of the charms then check out the infographic that can not only guide you in finding the best charm for yourself but also help you in gifting someone the charm that could be a treasured gift for someone that you love.

charm bracelet

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