Children’s Fashion + My Favourites for Summer 2018

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Children’s fashion is just as personal as adult fashion. It isn’t just a practical thing that allows little ones to be dressed and protected from the elements. From dressing your children in gender specific clothes to allowing them to choose their own clothing, it’s all very personal and varies from parent to parent and family to family.

As a blended family, our kids are raised quite similarly across the board. But when it comes to fashion one household is more practical whilst another household (ours) gives them more freedom when it comes to choosing how they want to express themselves through clothing.

With that in mind, there are different aspects of how to dress the children and how the children want to be dressed to consider whether you are more of a practical household or give the children free reign when it comes to their attire.

The Cost 

The cost of children’s clothing seems to hike season after season, year after year. When it comes to shopping for the little ones I tend to prefer a mix of high street and designer clothing. There are some articles of clothing that I am willing to spend more money on – coats, shoes, and smart clothes. And there are some bits like t-shirts that I don’t mind buying on the high street or even at the supermarket as they tend to only last a season (especially during summer).

Children's Fashion: collection of items.

As a step-mama of 3, a teenager and 6-year-old twins, the websites of shops like OD’s designer clothing have become a firm favourite as I can find good quality clothing at an outlet price. Many outlet shops and websites offer surplus items at a discount price or items that are from seasons past but are still as cute as they were when they were released.

The Selection

Children and parents tend to go head to head when it comes to choosing what the kid will wear. Sure, sometimes your child has hand-me-downs from their older siblings or cousins. Or sometimes their wardrobe will have clothes that you didn’t buy but tend to keep because they were gifted.

One thing that has made things easier with children’s fashion in my household is to only have clothing in the children’s wardrobe that I don’t mind them wearing at any time. Sure, when it comes to children’s fashion clothing each piece has a time and place. But this rule that has saved me so much time. Frankly, it has saved me from arguments about clothing. Plus it ensures that all of the clothes that my kids have are clothes I wouldn’t mind seeing them in.

Which takes me to my next point.

What to wear?

Do you allow your children to pick out their own clothes? I do. It’s easier when you have a teenage boy as they only really care about wearing something that is clean. A t-shirt and jeans will usually do most of the time. Each teenage boy is different but in my case, our teen is really not fussed about what to wear.

The twins, on the other hand, take their attire quite seriously. Even on the days that they want to dress down. For example, one of them prefers to wear bikinis and the other would rather wear a sporty swimsuit. One is quite haphazard about coordinating her outfits while the other is more meticulous about matching.

Princess Posie usually likes to nonchalantly state that “it doesn’t even matter” if she’s matching or not. And most of the time she’s right. It only matters that she’s gaining a sense of independence and originality all through something as simple and necessary as dressing herself.

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