Choose One of the Top 10 Most Comfortable Mattresses and Enjoy These Benefits

Camper trips are exciting if you are free-spirited and don’t want to spend your vacation in one location. With this vehicle, your ‘hotel’ is wherever you want. This style of travel provides great freedom in planning, without the hassle of booking accommodation.

If you want to embark on an adventure like this, you need a very good organization to make everything go smoothly. Before traveling, you need to arrange many things related to the travel plan. Then you have to think about how you’ll prepare your accommodation on wheels.

Since the RV will be your ‘hotel’ for a few days (or weeks), you have to think about equipping it. Of course, you can’t expect superior comfort, as the lack of space provides limitations in amenities. But you can get certain things that will make your camper pleasant to stay. Consider buying a short RV mattress, but only if your vehicle is equipped with a bed.

Choose One of the Top 10 Most Comfortable Mattresses and Enjoy These Benefits

Specialized Beddings for RV

No matter how equipped your camper is, it is impossible to install a bed of ‘normal’ dimensions. The sleeping place is often shorter than regular beds, so that you will need a mattress shorter than regular ones for RV travel.

That shouldn’t mean that you can’t deserve to sleep on comfortable mattresses. The beddings that come with the vehicle are quite uncomfortable. They are often not intended for longer sleep, but only for a short nap. For this reason, investing in a quality RV mattress will pay off quickly.

The size of your vehicle, i.e., the sleeping area, is the deciding factor when choosing a cushion. You should also think about how many people will sleep on it at the same time. The dimensions of the beddings you can find in stores can vary, but most of them are prefabricated.

If you need custom bedding, you can find models adapted to each vehicle, from the van to the truck, in most online stores. Also, if you have some unusual requirements about the shape or thickness of the mattress, you can order it from reliable online sellers.

Well Used Space

Choose One of the Top 10 Most Comfortable Mattresses and Enjoy These Benefits

Due to their size, in most RV vehicles, space is used quite well. The slide-out bed is most often folded against the wall of the vehicle, so there is enough room for daily activities. Mattresses of the same dimensions don’t have to be taken out of the sleeping area and can be folded together with the bed. 

The only you should take care of is the thickness of beddings. Models thicker than 5 or 6 inches won’t fit into slide-out RV beds. But if you have a non-movable bed, you can buy thicker beddings and enjoy sleeping in your ‘cloud on wheels.’

You may think that air beds are a better and more cost-effective solution. But apart from the lower price, they have no other advantages over RV queen mattresses. First, do you really need to waste time pumping and pumping out these things every time? And secondly, the materials from which air mattresses are made are not very durable, so they can easily leak and leave you lying on the floor. And really they aren’t comfortable mattresses.

Profitable Investment

RV mattress prices range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Which one you buy depends mostly on your budget. Mattresses of the same dimensions can have different prices. These rates depend on the material, core type, hypoallergenic properties, memory foam, etc.

After considering the budget, the question ‘what is the most comfortable mattress’ arises as logical. Some people like sleeping on harder surfaces, while others can only fall asleep if they lie on a soft cushion. Thanks to modern technologies, you can now have the same sleeping comfort on both a regular and an RV bed.

Investing in quality, comfortable mattresses is a long-term investment. If you often go on camper trips, it is advisable to buy a firmer and longer-lasting mattress. These models have high-quality springs that do not change the shape after prolonged use. Also, covers should be durable and made of tightly sewn materials.

Choose One of the Top 10 Most Comfortable Mattresses and Enjoy These Benefits

Improved Properties

If your RV doesn’t have an air conditioner, consider buying a mattress with gel memory foam or air pockets. Except these models provide excellent support for your body, they will prevent excessive night sweats. In memory foam, there is a cooling gel that cools you down. In models with air pockets, air circulation is improved due to more space between these sacs.

For those concerned about ecology, choosing a latex mattress is the right thing to do. This material doesn’t contain any chemicals, which makes it eco-friendly. Another advantage the latex mattresses are their hypoallergenic properties, which are especially suitable for people allergic to dust, mold, and mites.

Ordinary wired RV short mattresses are the cheapest solution. Still, a wire core is not a good option if you plan to spend some time in areas where the humidity is high. Coils can start to rust, and will collapse very quickly. Here you can see when it’s time for mattress replacement.  

After several hours of driving and an exciting day spent in nature, a good night’s rest is all you need. When you sleep on quality and comfortable mattresses, you will be able to relax. Only when you’re fresh, you can mentally and physically prepare for a new day and a new adventure on your camper journey.

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