Choosing an Excellent Moving Company

You may be relocating to a different address, and you wanted to know if a company can help you in the process. If you decide to hire professionals, you may want to know several factors that should affect your decision on choosing a moving company. Knowing what to look for will decrease the chances of mishaps and avoid headaches along the way.

Many people may move internationally, interstate, or intrastate. Regardless of the place, one of the best practices you should do is check and research more about the moving company that can provide you with the things that you need. Choose the right ones that are based on stellar recommendations made by friends and families, previous customer reviews, overall reputation, and based on your expectations with them.

One of the things that you need to do before calling and deciding to hire the contractors when choosing a moving company is to ensure that they are licensed and allowed to operate under the US DOT or Department of Transportation. You could always check the complaints made against them on the DOT database, and if there’s none, then they are the right ones that you’re looking for.

Major Types of Companies to Consider

choosing a moving company

Now that you have a clear idea of where you’re going and have submitted all the necessary requirements for your new home, it’s high time to know more about the companies that you should be working with. Know that you can choose from various types of movers when it comes to relocations, and each of them can offer different packages that may suit your needs. These types are the following:

  1. Local Movers

These professionals tend to do best with the local moving of about a hundred miles from their office. The operation is usually restricted to their county or state. The costs can be around $40 to $50 an hour, but this figure is not fixed.

There are still so many factors to consider, and the final expenses may be consumed with the loading and unloading times of your belongings. This cost may not include packing your appliances and furniture, so you should get more accurate quotes from actual companies in your area.

  1. Long-Distance Movers

These offer intrastate relocations, and they are very convenient if you’re starting a new job or business in another state. Before selecting a long-distance service provider, it is wise to click here on the expert’s website. It is a wise option as you’ll become aware of some factors included in the costs are the total weight of the goods, the distance covered, and the number of employees working on the job.

  1. International Moving Companies

You may want to move internationally from one country to another, and you need the services of these kinds of professionals. They are the ones who have several networks all over the globe, and they will take care of the logistics, insurance, paperwork, customs regulations, and more. You can read more about international moving on this site here.

  1. Commercial Movers

These types of movers are needed in corporate offices and small businesses. They specialize in the relocation of equipment, storage, and appliances using technology. These people are well-trained and experienced in handling business goods from one area to another. The factors that can affect the price include the type of goods, volume, weight, and distance.

Things to Do Before Hiring the Right Company

  1. Proper Planning

Everyone should have an idea that moving from one location to another is not just a simple process. It should involve careful planning, and it may take months, including when choosing a moving company. You can start by writing the things you’re going to include for the relocation, selling the furniture you don’t need, labeling everything, and more. Plan by calling at least three companies and seeing which ones will provide you with what you need best.

  1. To-Do Lists Helps with Organization

Some of the things that you need to write down when choosing a moving company are the following:

  • The date of the relocation
  • List of all the items and goods that you want to transfer
  • Measurements of appliances, cabinets, and couches. (This is important, so you’ll have an idea whether there’s sufficient space in your new home or apartment in the next place where you’re going to live. If you discover that there’s not much space, get rid of the stuff by giving them away for donations or posting them online for selling purposes)
  • Selection of vendors that are going to install your telephones, internet, computer systems, water, electricity, HVAC, and more
  • Calculation of the costs and estimates that you may have to spend on this trip. You can always reach out to companies for the quotes that you need so that you’ll never go above board your budget.

How to Choose the Right Movers

  1. Recommendations from Friends and Families

When choosing a moving company, one of the easiest ways to determine whether a company is right for you or not is through the recommendations of well-meaning friends and family members. You’ll get detailed recollections of them working about a specific contractor in your area, and they won’t hold back. This will save you a lot of time and stress as you can run away from unscrupulous movers in the area.

What you need is a list of the qualities your friends and families have liked in their previous experience with the movers. You can then start calling them and inquire about these services that you would love to get. Know more about the services here:

  1. Check the Reviews of Previous Customers

The internet is a wealth of information if you’re looking for reviews. You can check the websites for ratings and community threads that will give you an idea about what others say to the particular company you’re considering. You may want to read as many reviews as possible to ensure that the company that you are going to choose is easy to work with.

Another tip is that those movers that you may see as having plenty of 5-star reviews may not be realistic. Hiccups are bound to happen at some point, and real clients will tell others about this experience without holding anything back. You should not expect everything to be perfect but aim to get contractors that won’t give you any stress.

  1. Get their References

References are essential when you’re shortlisting several companies. Their references are people whom you should call when you want to know their experience when they have previously worked with the movers. You can call them personally and ask about the services that they need. If they’ve transferred to another state and this is the same situation, you’re in, you may want to know about their overall satisfaction with the movers.

If the company can’t provide you with any references, this can be a red flag, and it’s just right to expect that something is fishy. You may want to pick another to avoid any headaches down the road.

  1. Guarantees for Insurance

You need insurance that can guarantee that you’re going to be reimbursed if the company has failed to deliver a high-quality service. During the transport phase, some glass or china may be broken because there were no adequate bubble wraps available or furniture damaged during the loading stage.

In these cases, the movers are bound to compensate you, and this is where their insurance will be helpful. If the company doesn’t have any insurance, refuses to process the reimbursement, or has a history of poor safety, then you can’t trust them. Go for the ones with the insurance and guarantees to help you get peace of mind.

  1. Ask for their Plans

Once you have selected the right ones, ask them to provide you with a detailed road map or plan about the costs and services they would do for you. You may want to look for an ideal plan that contains an expected date and time of the relocation and the charges that are going to be involved.

You ask them if they will charge by the hour, per furniture, weight, distance, and other fees. It’s better to know whether they will pack the boxes for your stuff or the materials like cardboard boxes, tape, bubble wraps, markers, dollies, ladders, and more are something that they will provide. You need to know the number of trucks used during the transfer, how many people to expect, and the support equipment that they are going to use to make everything smoother.

  1. More Information about the Subcontractors

In many cases, companies moving stuff to the other states may involve subcontractors and different parties for loading, packing, and providing specific things. These people may be associated with other companies. However, the subcontractors may not be connected to the primary movers you’ve hired, and they may not be insured. If possible, look for the ones that don’t subcontract their network from the start to prevent trouble.

These are just some of the factors that you need to consider when hiring movers for your relocation. What you need is someone who shows up on time, is upfront with the costs, will give you an overall satisfactory service, and will ensure that you’re not going to do a lot of work than what’s necessary.


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