Choosing the Perfect Bed: What to Look At

There is no feeling quite like plopping down into a soft warm bed after a long and stressful day. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to enjoy a luxury bed or even a comfortable one, as they did not put much effort into choosing the one they have. Still, it’s never too late to improve your sleeping situation. So if you are going shopping for a new bed, you can make an informed choice after a bit of reading. Hopefully, our tips for choosing the perfect bed will help you with that.

Plan out your space

One of the first considerations when looking at a new bed is how it will fit into the layout of your room. For example, will a bed larger than your current one block any furniture or spaces to walk between? Will it be propped up sideways along a wall? And what will you do with the extra space if you get a smaller one?

Sometimes, crowding issues can be fixed by repositioning all of the other furniture and items in the room, but there is usually a point at which a bed is too large to fit in a room without causing inconveniences. Before you go shopping, it will be helpful to plan where the bed will be and how much space you can allocate for it.

Don’t choose by looks alone

Let’s imagine that you have found a beautiful bed, with all of the right measurements, specifications, and a fair price. You might be tempted to choose it right away, but there is an important test to try first – lying in it.

Don’t hesitate to lie down, roll around, maybe even jump on it. This will help you get a good feel of how it carries weight and what sleeping in it will be like. As long as you take your shoes off, the vendor should not mind it.

Remember the mattress

Many furniture stores sell beds complete with mattresses, but some just show the price for the bed frame, and the mattress just serves as an example and costs extra. Thus, when you are considering some specific sleep options, you can enquire about the mattress and whether it is included in the price. Furthermore, you can always opt for a better mattress than the one presented with the bed, so this may add some time to your shopping.

Make a sturdy choice

Sturdiness is an important factor to consider when choosing a bed, so you should make sure to learn about the materials that the frame is made of, its spring system, how much weight it can handle without deformation, etc. Galvanised steel and hardwood are the recommended materials for the bedframe, as they maintain structural integrity for a long time and under great pressure.

On the other hand, softer metals, plastic elements, and certain types of wood have been known to bend or even break when put under great stress in a bed. Investing in sturdiness when choosing the perfect bed is a calculation that should ensure your bed’s functionality for many, many years.


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