What Do Christmas Decorations in Australia Stand For?

Christmas comes at the start of the summer holidays in Australia. December to February is the summer holiday for the children in the country. Considering that Christmas time in Australia happens in the middle of summer, the words about snow and winter to the Christmas carols and songs are often changed to fit the season better. But, regardless of the weather, the Christmas season will still make you want to decorate your house with Christmas decorations Australia as part of getting in the holiday spirit. 

Decorating for Christmas in Australia is essential to bring tradition to your home. Simple or extravagant, the following Christmas decorations in Australia will magically transform any area in the house. 

Staple decorative pieces and what they represent

Christmas tree

The Christmas tree symbolizes life and rebirth. It also represents stamina to endure harsh winters. Some cultures use these evergreen trees and light them up with Christmas lights to keep evil spirits away. In Australia, they also have a decoration called “Christmas bush” . It is a small tree native to Australia. It has green leaves and cream-colored flowers that turn red by the time Christmas comes.


People used bells in the Middle Ages to communicate with others. It was a method to gather a large crown together. Bells also symbolize harmony and work as a connection between heaven and earth. The bell clappers signify the communication between humanity and God. In church services, the ringing of the bells means the congregation would kneel or bow down. 

Christmas Stockings

People usually hang Christmas stockings over the fireplace or at the window. Children, specifically hang these stockings to attract Santa so that he would fill them up with goodies. Some myths indicate that Santa would prefer to leave his gifts in stockings as he is too shy to give them directly.

Christmas Balls and Pinecones

People use these Christmas decorations to invoke the spirit of Christmas. The round shape of the colored balls signifies jewels from heaven descending on earth. On the other hand, the pinecones symbolize motherhood and fertility. 


The star is the bright morning star that refers to Jesus Christ. The star means a lot of things such as heavenly favor, guidance, a great multitude, wisdom, good fortune, watcher, etc. It is the light that guides people to take the right path. Its brightness stands for victory of good over evil. It also represents enlightenment and high hopes. 


Across the globe, the legend tells us that Santa Claus rides on a sleigh with eight reindeers dragging the vehicle. Santa has a prestigious list that contains the names of all the children in the world, classifying them according to their behavior for the entire year. Reindeers make great Christmas decorations in Australia, but did you know, legend has it that when Santa gets to Australia, he lets his reindeers take a break and use kangaroos to pull his sleigh instead? He also changes his clothes to accommodate the hotter weather in the country.


Christmas candles symbolize prayer, spirituality, light, faith, devotion, and love. The candlelight stands for Jesus Christ, who guides our paths away from darkness. The light signifies a life committed to spiritual aspiration. In the olden days, people lit a candle every week to mark the coming of Christ, which is symbolic to hope. 

Aside from their meanings, we put up Christmas decorations in Australia because the act itself generates a neurological change in our minds and bodies that produce happiness. It comes with a sense of nostalgia as we remember our happy childhood Christmas memories.

By Alice Johnson

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