City Driving in the UK – is it Worth the Hassle?

City Driving in the UK - is it Worth the Hassle?

It’s no surprise that I love to travel, my other half loves to travel, and all in all, we are a pretty nomadic bunch. Our travels range from travel by train, plane, and especially by automobile. I believe that driving holidays are truly underrated. And with train prices only skyrocketing it’s wise to get behind the wheel even if it’s only for a weekend city break.

After being told time and time again that I should leave my car behind as I travel to certain destinations, I paid no mind, grabbed my keys, and want to share with you why tolerating a little bit of traffic is so worth it when it comes to travelling this beautiful isle. There are gems at every turn and quite a few surprises along the way.


The capital of Scotland is a must-see destination for city driving in the UK. But travelling into and around it by car couldn’t have been further from our expectations. We imagined a saturated city with chaotic traffic but were pleasantly surprised when we encountered an efficient and seamless road system.

Driving in Edinburgh was much more pain-free than we ever imagined! It’s very simple to get around by car, but my top recommendation would be to park your car at the train station car park and see the sights by tour bus or even on foot if you are up to it.

After a day in town, you can pick up your car and drive on down to Leith, or any of the surrounding areas.


This beautiful city in the North West of England has so much to offer, and driving into and within the city is a must in my book. We’ve driven in to see the sights and haven’t been disappointed. There can be more traffic getting in and out of the city than I care for if I’m honest. A much better alternative to driving into the city is getting in by train and opting for a car hire within Liverpool

There is so much freedom with having your own secure form of transportation and whether you visit this great city for a day of football, to visit the Cavern Club, or to take in any of its other beautiful locations then driving is such a lifesaver!


The beautiful capital has such a bad reputation for chaotic traffic, but I can tell you from personal experience that the worst part of it is the M25. Once you are inside the M25 it is much more simple to get around than you can imagine. While I don’t recommend driving within central London, as a non-local you shouldn’t shy away from bringing your vehicle along for your next London adventure.

As long as you aren’t driving during peak daytime hours, it’s relatively simple to park in places like Hackney and then take the tube or bus into the centre. Greenwich is also a good option to stay in for the same reason.

If you do have offices in Central London, you may find it more cost-effective (and less stressful) to stick to public transport. Despite the number of users (Up to 5 million per day!!) The tubes run so efficiently!

Seeing the UK by car is one of the best things that I have ever done and city driving in the UK has been kind to me. While many cities have a bad reputation for traffic, it’s always worth it to visit the bigger ones by car and go off the beaten path to make your experience as unique as you.

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