The Ins and Outs to Help Clean Your Home

Home or domestic cleaning should be one of those important tasks on your to-do lists on a regular basis. However, every once in a while, it’s essential to get your house cleaned by a cleaning service as you sometimes do need help to clean your home.

When looking for a professional cleaning company it’s always best to do some research first. Most companies have websites ( which you can get good information from.

The importance of cleaning your house

One of the obvious reasons to clean a house is for hygiene purposes. It’s vital to live in a clean house. Dirty houses are not welcoming, they harbour germs that can make people sick, they can be hazardous and cause health problems in the long run.

There are many advantages to living in a clean house. For example:

  • You can sleep better because the air is clean.
  • It’s better for your children and family as a whole.
  • It may be the cause of allergies so this can be eradicated all together. 

Look for a company that offers Home Cleaning services such as:

  • Cleaning of bedrooms and living areas.
  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Extras such as a deep-clean which includes cleaning things like inside cabinets, Ovens, Fridges, Electrical equipment, organise closets, cleaning windows.

If you want to save some money, you can clean your window yourself; then, you need to invest in some necessary tools like window cleaner or a window vacuum. The best part, they are inexpensive products. If you know what features to consider when choosing a good window vacuum cleaner you are the winner.  If you don’t want to handle this yourself, you can hire any professional service to do this job for you.

The common misconception is that cleaning services are expensive. But this is not always the case. If you think about the cost of cleaning once a year as compared to the cost of taking either yourself or your family to the doctors because they get sick often due to the dust, debris and germs that accumulate in your house on a daily basis, it’s definitely worth getting your house cleaned. And if you have pets, even more so.

Why use a professional cleaning service?

Cleaning services do a thorough job to clean your home because they clean it from top to bottom, in all the hard to reach areas, using all the right industrial equipment in comparison to the store-bought cleaners and equipment that we would normally buy.

They can also clean your carpets for you – a major cause of illnesses, where germs, ticks or fleas can hide and stay for long periods of time. If however you are a DIY enthusiast, there are tons of tips on this online.

clean your home: person putting on cleaning gloves

Equipment cleaning services use range from

  • Portable Extraction Machines: Used to clean carpets and remove tough stains. Its like an industrial vacuum cleaner, but much powerful.
  • Industrial Grade Cleaners: specifically made for walls and floors that do not rub off the paint on the walls or varnish on your wooden floors. Also add de-greasers to this list, for your ovens and stove tops.
  • Various Mopping Systems: for example, micro-fibre mops that require less liquid and can be washed multiple times.

Cleaning companies also look after their tools by treating them, so they continue to work properly. 

Things they can do and you can’t

As we have already established, trying to do a thorough DIY clean of your house yourself, may not necessarily get the job done. If you are serious about a clean home, then hiring professionals is the way to go. There are a variety of things that they can do that you may not necessarily want to. For example:

  • They scrub the grout off your tiles, walls and bathtubs
  • Clean and disinfect shower doors
  • Polish and shine all your mirrors and chrome fixtures for you
  • Vacuum all your carpets for you and disinfect them using powerful cleaners
  • Clean your walls and cobwebs
  • vacuum staircases and wooden floors
  • Clean your windows both inside and outside, as well as the ledges (depending on the company/contract)
  • Clean and disinfect all your upholstery for you.
  • Dust off your ceiling fans, lamp-shades and aircons if you have any.

Whether you’ll clean your home or looking for a professional (find out more about hiring pros here) I hope this post inspires you! Plus check out this additional house cleaning checklist for some great ideas.


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