Compton’s Steep Hill Tea Room in Lincoln

Being a part time Lincolnite has given me pretty good balance between seeing things through the eyes of a local, and taking in the sights as a tourist. I still allow my imagination to run wild, and pretend that I’m a newly arrived American in Europe and get completely engrossed with the sights. One of the things that I’ve adopted as part of my expat life in England is the concept of tea. I won’t have a cuppa on a daily basis, but once Autumn rolls around I will indulge in ‘tea time’. The craving arose during lunch time a week ago, and how could I deny my palate the warm, sweet feeling of a nice cup of tea.
As I was taking a walk down Steep Hill right in the heart of the Lincoln Cathedral quarter, I spotted Compton’s Tea Room; located close to the top of Steep Hill, and a stone’s throw away from Lincoln Cathedral and Lincoln Castle. To be fair, there wasn’t anything in particular that drew me to that specific tea room, as there was another right across the road. Deciding to throw caution to the wind I walked over to the quite ordinary looking tea room, and made my way inside.
As soon as I walked in I was greeted by a very warm, and welcoming staff member who immediately made me feel at home. Score 1 for you Compton’s Tea Room. As soon as I made myself comfortable in the front room overlooking the pedestrianised road, I felt like despite it’s not very frou frou exterior, I had selected the right tea room.
Compton's Tea Room
I immediately made my selection from the specials menu, a pot of tea and a fruit scone for £3.80. That’s a little over $6 USD for what equated to two cups of tea and a fruit scone with jam and cream, but as it was a bit of a treat, I allowed myself to not think about the price tag.
A few minutes passed and I was presented with an absolutely gorgeous vintage floral tea set, and an even better looking scone! The tea was hot, and fresh; as was the scone. It was absolutely delicious!
Compton's Steep Hill Tea Room in Lincoln
Believe me, the rubbish photos don’t do it justice.
The atmosphere felt quite relaxed, yet I did feel a bit of a sense of urgency about the place. It didn’t feel like the type of place where I can take out a book and relax with my tea for even half an hour. The tea room had more of a pit stop to refuel feeling, which if you’re doing some sightseeing and shopping it is completely acceptable.
I would return to the tea room. The service was polite, the quality was good, and for a quickie tea I would consider returning, though I do want to explore other tea rooms in the area, and find one that is more “Me”
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