Connecting to Your Partner’s Family

Campbell, California, is situated in the San Francisco Bay area and considered an extension of Silicon Valley. Known as the first home of eBay, in recent years it has gone beyond being a technologically inclined community to a suburban neighborhood. It currently ranks as one of the best places to live in the state of California. Attracting more Americans each year, it continuously grows as one of the most advanced urban planned areas in the country.

With its growing popularity with family, newlyweds, or couples who want to consider Campbell as their new home, more couples are now looking at the benefits of Couples Counseling in Campbell, CA. One of the common scenarios where we seek professional assistance from counselors is situations involving our partner’s extended family. Interacting with your partner’s family is inevitable.

Looking after your relationship means considering those essential things that your partner cares about. This  includes their family. Regardless of the dynamics you have with your other half’s close ones, it’s vital to keep in mind that it is an extension of your partner’s life. Here are some set of ideas to keep in mind to improve the chemistry between our partner’s families.

Your partner’s family: Value acceptance

Learning how to co-exist with your partner’s family is essential. But it is not an overnight process. Dr. Gwendolyn Seidman, Ph.D, author of Close Encounters recently said in an article released in Psychology Today that we need to continually pick our battles. We also need to learn how not to get overwhelmed with negativity. We may feel the loss of connection from our partner’s family. But knowing how to hot-wire our response to them is an essential part of the growth of the relationship.

Dr. Seidman added that it is undoubtedly challenging to provide a proper response to our partner’s extended family. But indulging ourselves with an adverse outlook won’t help us either. Setting a healthy boundary between our partner’s family and ourselves is a better response. Equally, we are accountable for having the initiative to lend ourselves to our partners’ family.

Relationship Therapist and Family Counsellor Abe Kass MA, RSW, RMFT, CCHT says that treating your partner’s family with respect and love is something that we need to consider part of our partner’s needs. Treating your partner’s family well is not always dependent on your emotions or the way you develop your outlook towards them. But is a rational aim you should have. 

Sensitive issues

Understanding that a good relationship with our partner’s family is for our benefit as well will make it easier for us to deal with them. We need to work with our partner to address the concerns that we have with family members if things or issues are required to be settled. Getting involved with a support group, a professional counselor, or with a Couples Counseling in Campbell CA is valuable. This is especially the case when it comes to issues that are too difficult or overly sensitive to be dealt with in a typical family intervention manner.

We do not need to be best friends with every member of our extended family. However, knowing how to compromise where necessary shows intellectual and emotional maturity, according to Dr. Kass. This is an essential aspect of every healthy relationship.


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