Why I’m Considering an Electric Car


When I bought my brand new 1.3L Diesel engine car 3 years ago, I was pretty chuffed with myself. Most of my car journeys are quite long distance. After hearing for years about how fuel efficient Diesel engines are on the motorway, and how Diesel was perhaps even more air-friendly, I thought I’d moved up in the car world. Considering the option of an electric car wasn’t even on my radar.

Fast forward 3 years, and how things have changed. We now know that Diesel is more harmful to our environment than Unleaded. We are being urged more and more, as worldwide climate change targets continue to not be met, to each play our part in making the planet greener. Suddenly, just putting stuff in the recycling bin doesn’t seem quite enough.

Until recently the added cost of purchasing an electric car seemed too high to me. But fuel prices are continuing to rise steadily. So I’m now spending way more on fuel than I had originally bargained for. I want to drive more sustainably. But one of my main concerns about electric cars is what happens if it runs out of charge on the road. Are there really enough battery charging points out there?

Until recently I only really noticed them at motorway service stops. But I now know that you can easily charge up at a NewMotion charging station. This is the case whether you’re on the motorway or in town. These days you can even have a charging point installed at your own address!

So while a year ago looking into buying an electric car seemed like a 10-year plan, I’m already actually starting to do my research. Tesla has been in the news throughout 2017, but buying an electric car doesn’t have to be that pricey. It’s worth looking into all the available options, from leasing to hire-purchasing. Whatever you do, make sure you get a good warranty, and something tells me you definitely won’t miss the smell of fuel!

Are you considering an electric car?


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collaborative post
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