Cost-Effective Tips For An Easy Conservatory Spring Clean

Spring is here around the same time that we were all shivering from the freezing temperatures provided by the Beast from the East last year. We certainly think that is a fantastic trade-up, and welcome the opportunity to get that summer wardrobe out early!

However, that has meant that the house is definitely not spring or summer ready yet because we expected to hibernate that little bit longer.

Statistics show that people in the UK spend around five hours a week cleaning, and around 10 hours just dedicated to spring cleaning alone. We are definitely behind, having totted up around zero minutes spring cleaning and at least one hour every morning figuring out how to create an outfit that is spring fresh, but not too optimistic because, you know, it is still the UK.

The conservatory, in particular, is definitely one of Britons most neglected rooms and remains very much a winter storage space. It definitely isn’t comfy and airy, ready for the many bright social events we hope to hold in there in the coming months.

If you haven’t made a start on getting your conservatory (or anywhere else) ready for summer, you are definitely not alone. To help you catch up to the weather with your spring cleaning goals, we have some easy and cost-effective tips to help you transform your conservatory from the suffocated storage space it currently is, into the bright and beautiful space you love to entertain in.

Here are our top tips for spring cleaning your conservatory with ease:

Deal With Any Mould & Mildew First

If you find mould and mildew in your conservatory, you need to treat it quickly before it causes any issues. 1 in 5 properties in the UK suffer from condensation and and a massive 50% of the worlds illnesses are caused by poor indoor air quality. Your conservatory is at particular risk to condensation because of all the glass it uses. It could be a simple case of opening the windows up more, or there may a bigger cause that needs investigating. Clean up any visible mould and try to get the problem under control before it creates an unhealthy environment within your home.

Clean The Windows

The conservatory is mainly windows which will have gotten grubby over the winter months. Clean the insides using a couple of tablespoons of vinegar in warm water. Then ensure the whole area is properly dry after. You can do the same outside but it’s worth cleaning off any cobwebs, and grime with a dry towel first. Then proceed to polish up the windows with your warm water and vinegar solution.


You may want to start by simply removing any boxes lying around. It could be Christmas decorations or other items within your conservatory space that have been placed there over winter. You may even want to remove the furniture entirely and start from scratch; especially if any mould damage occurred over winter. Removing these items is a really good way to start your spring cleaning process as it enables you to thoroughly clean the space and plan any redecoration that you want to do.

Design A New Colour Scheme

Colours have a huge impact on how we feel and spring calls for a new colour scheme in your conservatory. Why not cultivate an environment of happiness to enjoy those special hygge moments more often this year. Did you know that according to studies colours can affect our mood? Yellow is an optimistic colour, red is a stimulant, orange is warm, green is refreshing and blue is calm. The way colours make you feel is very personal though. It is best to opt for a colour scheme that you’re most likely to want to spend time around.

Are The Temperatures Right?

One of the most common reasons that people do not use their conservatory is because of the temperature. With the windows open it is still red hot in summer and then freezing in winter. There are plenty of solutions to these issues; such as underfloor heating, air conditioning and treated windows that do not let as much sunlight in.

There are also innovative roof systems specifically for conservatories that control the temperatures using special technologies. Leka Systems offer temperature control roofing systems for conservatories if you are looking for a more advanced solution to the temperature in your conservatory.

Make It Usable

How much use did your conservatory get last summer? Did it get neglected because it was easier to use the side door? Was it easier to hangout inside because of the mess caused by coming in and out from the garden? Think about how you could make your conservatory more of a practical space this summer. Not only will you get to enjoy it more but you’ll also make the most of your inital investment.

Could you create a special area for muddy boots or cleaning? Maybe add more comfortable seating? Or even ensure the WIFI reaches the space? Whatever stopped you using the space last year can be corrected during your spring clean. Which means you can enjoy the conservatory more this year.

No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn – Hal Borland

Brightening up your conservatory now or, within the next few months will bring many great rewards. A conservatory spring clean means you’ll get to enjoy a gorgeous semi-outdoor space to enjoy in what will hopefully be a lovely warm summer. Don’t worry too much about being behind on your spring cleaning, it isn’t even Easter yet and with the way the British weather works, we may be hibernating that bit longer yet.

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