How to create the perfect modern loft bedroom

It can be easy to think that a modern loft bedroom can only be found in the industrial area of a city like New York. But with the rise of the tiny home you’ll be surprised how many flats actually have transformed from a small studio apartment to loft apartments that make the most use of space. If you have a flat that has high ceilings then transforming this open space into a modern loft with a modern loft bedroom is a brilliant option and worth a full blown remodel. If your ultimate goal is to make the most of the space you have then creating a modern loft bedroom is a great idea, here’s how!

How to create the perfect modern loft bedroom

​Use the space wisely

The first time that I saw a modern loft bedroom I was surprised. The building the flat was in was unassuming and it was in a part of Birmingham that wasn’t home to modern design. But there it was. Once you entered the flat you were greeted with a staircase to the right of the small entryway, and as soon as you came into the living area you saw a spacious kitchen and open living room. There was so much natural light coming in and I suddenly remember thinking that it was a shame that the flat didn’t have a proper sleeping space or even a small bedroom. 

The only toilet in the flat was upstairs, so when I popped up to the loo I was surprised to see that there was a lovely small loft space that housed a proper sized bedroom. There was a double bed there, chest of drawers, and even a sleeping area for my friends son with his own single bed, and enough space for him to also have a chest of drawers and play area. I was surprised to see that the room was a proper bedroom, and that if thought out properly, loft bedroom ideas were quite easy to come by. 

The loft apartment was purchased as that, but thanks to the double ceilings, my friend went on to tell us that another homeowner transformed his smaller studio to include a modern loft bedroom as well. This got me thinking about how I could easily find myself living in a flat like this and daydreaming about how I could make this a home. 

Make the most of natural light

One of the benefits of a modern loft bedroom is that even if it’s a small space you can make always expect lots of light coming in through the usually huge windows. To make the most of the vertical space, choose a flat that has big windows that let light in. If your loft doesn’t already have them, installing them is an investment worth making. They don’t always have to be the huge windows we all wish we had, but even a narrow and tall window can help make a huge difference. 

Architectural features such a big windows or Bespoke Glass Balustrades will allow light to always come into your bedroom area. The clean lines of the glass balustrades are perfect for contemporary design and since usually the bedroom area is right at the top of the stairs the bedroom designs will normally incorporate this gorgeous and modern accent. 

Choose the right colours

How to create the perfect modern loft bedroom

The best recommendation to make a small space look significantly bigger is to choose the right paint colours. You may be tempted to add an accent wall that is dark or brighter colors, but consider paint colors that are light and allow the light to bounce. White walls are always a good idea. If you want to add personality to the walls, perhaps a gallery wall with bold shades is a better option. 

Include natural elements in your design as well – the glass options we mentioned before are great options, as are other natural elements such as wood flooring. These can allow a small apartment to appear bigger than they are and contribute to the serene nature of a bedroom. Area rugs are also a great addition to add a pop of colour if you are inclined to. 

Take advantage of the available space

My friends flat was a perfect example of how a modern loft bedroom can truly have enough room to comfortably live in. His place had enough space for his son’s bed as well as his. But if you don’t have to share your bedroom, then you can comfortably fit in a double bed, bedside tables, a chest of drawers, and maybe even an accent chair or floor lamp. 

Consider a storage bed that allows you to keep things organised and tucked away. This is usually a much better option than modern low loft beds. Another great idea is a modern headboard, there are beds with usb headboard charging ports that will allow you to charge your devices without having to have bulky bedside tables that may take up a lot of floor space. Each case is different, so it’s also a matter of your personal taste and how you want to style your personal space. 

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