Creating a Cosy Bedroom During Autumn/Winter

Ah, the bedroom. With winter pretty much upon us, it’s the place I want to be. It’s crazy how much time I spend on Instagram looking at decor accounts. Those plush and lush bedrooms just make me long for a bedroom makeover. It’s simple to create a cosy bedroom during the autumn and winter months. All you need is a few changes to your soft furnishings and decorations and you’ll be good to go. Or better yet, good to stay – in bed that is!

With all the changes that are possible what element do I think is key? Well, it’s all about curtains!

Your curtains are one of the things that can make a huge impact in your room. Not only do they allow light to come in but they also help keep warmth in the house. There are many types of curtains on the market but at the moment I am really liking eyelet curtains. From sheer to pleated to eyelet, there are so many curtains you can choose from. The curtain you select can certainly change your room season to season.

cosy bedroom: bedroom grey sofa chair with flower patterned curtains behind it adorning large window.

Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains have risen in popularity in the last decade or so and that’s thanks to their fresh and contemporary look. The large metal rings at the top of the curtain are hung on a pole rod. The large folds that these curtains produce can make any room look more modern and sleek.

Even though they are modern and sleek eyelet curtains can still make your room cosy. One of the great things about choosing an eyelet curtain is that you can display your favourite patterns. The large folds are perfect for the pattern to be front and centre and give your bedroom the look you want. So if you are wondering where to find eyelet curtains from, they are available in Yorkshire Linen’s online store here.

Pleated Curtains

When I think of pleats and curtains I can’t help but have an old-fashioned flowery pattern come to mind. That shouldn’t be the case though. A classic and simple pleat can dress up your bedroom window and make it look cosy without the frump. Pick the right pattern and fabric and you’ll have a cosy and lovely bedroom this winter.

The classic look of a pleated curtain is timeless without leaning to either extreme – it’s neither too traditional or too contemporary. These are definitely not your nan’s pleated curtains!

Go For Velvet

Velvet is such a lush fabric and it’s a perfect fabric for your bedroom curtains. The opulence can make your bedroom look chic without losing any of the warmth and cosiness that you are going for. The best thing for me about velvet curtains is that no matter what your colour scheme the richness of the fabric will instantly give you that look you long to achieve.

Darken it Up

The easiest way to make your room cosy is by making it dark. I know we don’t have a lot of sunlight during the winter month’s but when it’s dark out anyway why not just draw the curtains and enjoy your bedroom. It happens to me that if I see that it’s dark outside through the curtains then it just tends to bring me down. Who cares if it’s only 5 pm? Draw the curtains and focus on living the hygge life inside your home.

Another way you can darken it up is by opting for dark curtains. The drama of the darker shades will instantly make your room feel smaller and cosier.

So there you have it. Enjoy the cosy winter months by staying in your bedroom with the curtains drawn!

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