The Must Haves For Creating and Fitting My Perfect Bathroom

Bathrooms, I absolutely love them. Odd as that may sound you gotta agree with me that they’re the room in our house where we can get privacy and retreat into our own personal spa and sanctuary. From my ever-growing obsession with the Japanese ofuro, or soaking tub, to my fascination with having the perfect bathroom suite for a small bathroom – bathrooms are my new favourite room in the house.

You may be wondering what would constitute my perfect bathroom? I have a Pinterest board for that by the way. But today I’ll share with you what my perfect bathroom looks like.

But First…The Fitting!

One thing, of course, is having an amazing bathroom wishlist. Another is actually installing what you’ve set your heart on. Fitting can be costly. Not to mention the fact that unless you have a company or person who you’ve used before in mind, finding someone reliable can be a bit of a stab in the dark. And that’s why it’s important to give serious thought to how you are going to install what you buy, before you actually buy it.

It’s not unusual when buying bathroom suites or furniture to be offered a fitting service for an additional fee. While this may at times seem the easiest option, in my experience it’s always best to check out local bathroom fitters. Not only will you get a better idea of who is trustworthy and competent; but you’ll be doing your bit to support your local economy.

And so back to my perfect bathroom…

It’s Functional

Who says you can’t have functionality and style in the same room? I think that functionality is completely underrated and yes, you can make rooms be both beautiful and purposeful. Something that I really like is when an item can offer a multipurpose function.

One of the things that I admire about the Japanese is the way that can integrate dual purpose items into their daily life. One of the best things that they have in their bathroom is the toilet. Technically, the toilet is in its own room as they have separate wetrooms and cloakrooms, but you get my drift. Their toilets not only have an integrated bidet but they also have seat warmers! If that’s a little too much for you then maybe a toilet with an integrated basin would work.

Their popularity is on the rise in the West and in my opinion we have improved the aesthetics without losing the space saving and functional nature.

It has Storage

I’m a big believer that there should be a place for everything and when there is everything should remain in its place. In a bathroom, you’ll need space for towels, toiletries, and toilet roll, among other things. Why not keep everything organised and out of sight with a stackable trio of baskets? You can store extra towels in the biggest storage basket, toilet roll in the second one and your most used toiletries in the smaller top basket.

find these baskets here

If storage baskets don’t go with your design you can opt for a slim drawer unit that fits between a wall and the loo or the loo and the sink. Having what you need to hand is one way to make your bathroom work for you.

There’s a Separate Tub and Shower

My other half has been harking on about wanting to have a wetroom for years! At first I wasn’t too convinced but now I am really keen on the idea. Obviously that would mean the need for a bigger house or for big renovations to make the space come to life. So the happy compromise is to have a separate soaking tub and shower.

I know that combination units tend to be very functional. But if you have a busy family life you’ll understand how annoying it can be to have someone saying they need to have a shower just as you are enjoying soaking in the bath – especially if you only have 1 bathroom!

If the layout is right you can enjoy your soak in the tub while hubby has a quick shower with minimal interruption. It’s all about being able to designate areas to space and give it that lush spa feel!

Anyway, my bathroom wishlist is much longer than what I’ve included today (heated flooring anyone?)! But if I detailed it all we’d be here all day. If I had these 3 things I could definitely feel like the foundation was laid for giving myself that perfect bathroom!

Thoughts, anyone?

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