Creating the Girl Boss Capsule Wardrobe

Most women out there know this by heart: Roll out of bed, shower and hurriedly blow dry wet hair, and go through the struggle of picking out what to wear for that day. The first two parts of that routine seem swift, but the last one is the most dreaded portion. 

Working ladies share the experience of staring desperately into the abyss of their closet or trying to look and feel fantastic every morning. If this rings a bell, it may be because one does not have the workplace wardrobe necessary to make mornings a lot easier to endure.

There is a simple solution to weekday woes: Create a girl boss wardrobe capsule. 

A wardrobe capsule usually comprises a great selection of versatile clothing pieces that fit well and make one feel great effortlessly. Capsules take the speculation out of getting dressed.

Instead of scouring through a stuffed closet for something office-appropriate, the better solution is to assemble a set of items that can be worn with confidence. Here is how to do it.

Sell Items Online and Keep Essentials 

white ladies top hanging on rail

A particular shirt from school may be memorable, but if it’s there because you haven’t gotten rid of it, then now’s the time to do so. Rather than tossing them in the trash, you can sell pre-loved items online. It’s great for earning extra cash on the side while getting rid of things that are no longer needed. 

Stock up on neutral-colored blouses after clearing the clutter. Yes, a fun pattern like a leopard print or a top adorned with flowers can change the vibe of an ensemble, but classic blouses are timeless. 

Keeping a few in a variety of sleeve lengths and material thickness will help build a well-rounded wardrobe for any occasion. These can be worn by themselves or topped with a sleek blazer on colder days.

Either way, blouses help with skipping wardrobe decisions in the morning.

Jackets and Sweaters

woman holding knitted jumpers

Jackets and sweaters are clothing pieces perfect for a girl boss capsule wardrobe. Both types can be worn with so many things and allow room for stylish possibilities.

Leather jackets are suitable for colder weather, as are denim jackets. Both can be staples for lazier days, where you need to elevate a look more than usual. Pair with it a plain blouse, and the look is complete!

Sweaters, on the other hand, were invented for almost anything. One can wear a cardigan sweater during spring when the air is a bit chilly, or a thick-knitted kind for colder days. 

The Trusted White Button-Down Shirt 

girl boss capsule wardrobe: white shirts hanging on rail

This one is a no-brainer. A classic, white button-down shirt never ages. It is a perennial must-have for a capsule wardrobe to function. This garment is an expected clothing piece in formal offices, but it can also be dressed up or down to look suitable for different occasions. 

Tuck it in a pleated skirt or denim jeans and top it off with a piece of statement jewelry for a Friday party or weekend errands. One can never go wrong with a humble white button-down shirt. Can’t decide what this statement jewelry should be? Well, fashionistas recommend reading through valuable resources like and finding inspirational necklace ideas for yourself!

Black Trousers 

Black trousers are essential in a capsule wardrobe, and pockets are powerful. It can make women feel in control. Pair it with the trusted white button-down shirt, and there is no stopping that person wearing the ensemble.

Whether one prefers a high-waist and wide-legged pair or a cropped and slim-fitting kind, black trousers are the perfect candidate to make the office outfit look polished.

These come in handy for all occasions, from job interviews to leading meetings.  

Own a Pair of Heels 

girl boss capsule wardrobe: ladies shoes

The sayings, “Heels are a social construct” and “Heels are a product of society’s beauty standards for women,” may be true, but it is undeniable that a quality pair of pumps is necessary. It is considered an investment because you are expected to use one every day in a formal work setting. 

Completing an outfit with classic black heels can modernize the look and makes the wearer feel more confident. You don’t need to have five-inch stilettos or an expensive pair like Louboutins. Whether a woman wears heels to boost her poise or to look dashing, the important thing here is that they are clean, flattering, and sturdy.

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