Creative Ideas To Display Art In Your Home

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Do you have wall decorations or photos lying somewhere in your home? You can display them to add architectural interest and decor to your living room or any other place you want. 

The best method to hang your art depends on several factors, including what you want to hang, the weight of your object, where you wish to hang it from, and perhaps your budget. 

Some methods are DIY (Do it Yourself), or you can get services from installation companies. If you want to hang artwork and pictures with a modern twist, Systematic Art installation services can get you started.  

 Use picture rails

If you want to spare your walls from damage and frequent repairs, consider installing a picture rail. A picture rail is a thin horizontal molding that sits about 12 to 20 inches below the ceiling in a room.

Once you install a picture hanging rail, you will not need to drill or use nails again. 

Systematic Art picture hanging systems allow users to hang pictures and artwork with the flexibility to adjust their photos vertically and horizontally. 

You can also hang and move your paintings, picture frames, wall hangings, and other wall décor flexibly and efficiently. 

Lean your photos

The laziest and quickest way to display art could also be best for you if you don’t want to put nail holes on your walls. It’s beneficial in places you can’t physically hang a piece of art. 

It will also save you the headache of hanging a heavy, cumbersome art piece on the wall. You can look for a mid-height table to allow you to lean the photos against the wall. 

Even when you have homes, some art hung up on the walls, you can opt to have a few leaned pieces. 

Get a photo shelf

If you’re constantly changing styles and rearranging your living room, consider adding a picture shelf to display your art. You can display all of your photos, painting, or other decors with style and ease. 

Picture shelves are also a perfect solution if you don’t have a lot of flat surfaces in your home. Some offer plenty of compartments for storage and display of decorations. 

One or two picture display shelves will work well if you have other wall art hanging in the room.

There you have it; creative solutions to display your photos and enhance the look of your home. You can choose to lean your pictures against the wall, use a picture rail, or a photo shelf.


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