What You Need To Know About Custom Made Jewellery

Shopping for jewellery can be an exciting experience, but it can also be quite daunting. With the numerous designs and styles to choose from, selecting one for you or for a loved one can be overwhelming. But, if you don’t find your perfect piece from the extensive selections, you can also opt for custom made jewellery.

There are many benefits to getting custom made jewellery. A customised creation gives the customer the ability to personally design their jewellery. This means that if you design from scratch, you agree to every element of this one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery. The customisation reflects your personal style, which can make the piece more valuable to the owner.

If you are interested in getting customised jewellery, here are a few considerations:

Creating custom made jewellery takes time

Be prepared to invest the time necessary to have your customised piece made consistent with your vision and expectations. The process of creating the highest quality custom-made engagement rings and other pieces of custom jewellery does take time. You need to have a plan with jewellers, such as https://www.certifieddiamondnetwork.com.au/, to allow them enough time to finish these masterpieces. If you are planning to give the jewellery as a gift for a special occasion, for example, a custom engagement ring for your proposal, let your jeweller know the specific date so they can show you a production timeline that you can both agree upon.

Choosing the right materials

Choosing the best materials for your design is important to achieving your vision of the perfect customised piece. From the precious gemstones you will be using for the centre stone to what precious metals or materials you want to use for the band, the options are limited only to your personal preferences.

The Centre Stone

If you are customising an engagement ring for your significant other, a major component in the ring design is the centre stone. There are a number of precious gemstones to choose from but a common favourite is using the finest quality diamond. While this can be quite expensive, a high-quality diamond will also make for a good investment. Diamond quality is determined by four factors, specifically by clarity, colour, cut, and carat weight.

If you are not sure which gemstone to select or which colour or shape the centre stone should be, look into the current pieces of jewellery that your lady wears. Or, you can ask for recommendations from her best friend or a close family member.

The Precious Metals in Custom Made Jewellery

There are numerous precious metals for jewellery to choose from. Common options are gold, silver or sterling silver, and platinum. Classic yellow gold is the timeless choice but you can also opt for the elegant white gold or the romantic rose gold tones. Gold is rated by a karat system, with the 18K and 14K ratings as the best recommended for jewellery.

A more durable metal for jewellery is platinum, which is also hypoallergenic. A less expensive but still beautiful precious metal used for jewellery is sterling silver. You can even opt for Argentium silver, which is the whitest metal currently available and more tarnish-resistant than the traditional sterling silver.

Consider your budget

Aside from investing a lot of your time, you also need to consider how much you are willing to spend for customisation without compromising quality. Your budget will most likely be the biggest factor to consider in determining the elements that go into custom-made jewellery. So, when you head over to a jeweler to ask for quotes and to have your vision realized, inform them of your financial plan as well to limit any unnecessary expenses.  

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